Despite the Dents - Discography

A compilation of folk rock tunes this CD has a song for every heart. 16 tracks of philosophical stories woven into songs that, "touch your heart and tear it apart at the same time," touts one fan. 

Backed by a full band this diverse collection flows from a somewhat country feel of title track Despite the Dents to a raw-edge-rock of Put Me Back Together. There is a pleasant variety within the entire album, no two songs sound alike.

Driving home the powerful message “Despite the Dents” we will prevail and keep living because that’s what life is all about – to persevere. Each song is built upon the whole story of perseverance met with hope and the power of choice to rise above. 

Recorded 2001 Dedicated in memory of Doris Gruff

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Despite the Dents - CD Album
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