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Intimacey, a defining word for this album. Niccole's second CD is a standout solo perforamance showing off her folk rock style and also catching a live jazzy number and a classical guitar piece.

Reflective lyrics matched with riveting vocals this album shakes awake those sleepy emotions deep inside. From a melancholy realistic approach of title track Smile, met with a weeping cello, to that waggy-tail feel good song of Diggy Dog; this artist does it again- stirs the truth that can make you laugh or cry.

This second Cd is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, despite the dents…smile. Fitting nicely with the first CD and bringing home that hopeful message Smile takes those hard asked questions with thought provoking answers in an eloquent fashion.

Recorded 2003 Dedicated in memory of mom, Lois Blaese

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Smile - CD Album
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