Club Concerts

Although “Blaze and Kelly” love a listening crowd there is something to be said for the Club shows and adding ambiance to an evening out for folks.  From hotel lobbies, wineries, breweries and eateries these ladies have enjoyed the less formal setting of the theater show by playing in places like Lagunitas Brewery in California, or the Trap Bar at Grand Targhee, Wyoming!  People are jazzed for live music, and these girls create a great vibe and energy with their tunes that’s contagious.

They have a knack for reading their audiences, and delivering just the right song for the mood of the venue.  From covers like Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and the list goes on.

They manage to slip in their own creations too if the audience is enrolled.  And this is where these two women shine; they really do make a connection with the audience even in a loud bar.  And they have a great time doing it!  Please check out the booking page to inquire when they can play at your establishment!