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When was the last time you sat around a campfire and listened to music? Do you remember how hypnotizing it was? Perhaps you spent time enjoying the warmth of the blaze and the camaraderie of good friendships. The goal of our membership is to bring you that “warmth” so you can experience it, right at your fingertips, and access it any time you choose!

We have designated a “corner” of our web site JUST FOR YOU! Those who wish to gain an understanding of what it means to be an independent artist will have access to exclusive blogs and pictures not released to the general public. With your VIP membership, you will be able to download special mp3’s of new songs as they are being created!

You’ll also get to go on tour with us and see video footage of some of our wacky moments, travels, and concerts. Special gifts, discounts, shows, and heart-felt experiences will all be available through our membership. And soon to come: live-streaming of our performances!

We believe music is about sharing and bringing people together. That’s what makes sitting around the campfire so special. We sing, tell stories and bask in the blaze until only the embers are left. Won’t you come join us by the fire and be our super supporters? Every effort you make to join us brings us one step closer to another town, another record, another heart that deserves to be opened by the music. Every member is an honored guest at our fire side and we are so privileged to be on this journey with you!

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