House Concerts

This is a rare opportunity to have these artists come and entertain in the comforts of your own home. Yes! This up close and personal look at these artists allows you to unwind and enjoy their music and storytelling in a quiet and comfortable setting! They have lots of stories of their travels, and you will share many laughs with you!

If you decide to host an event or enroll a friend to host an event, here is a link that will give you a full briefing of how to have a successful concert in your home, venue, yoga/retreat center or wherever seems to be the best setting for you.  Download House Concert Guide PDF

It’s really easy and fun, and the expense can be spread out between the folks who attend. Instead of turning on the TV, why not get “Blaze and Kelly” to bring a bit of joy right to your back yard or living room? 

AND if you would like to become a VIP member, they have a “Blazing Membership” that INCLUDES a House Concert, anywhere in the USA!
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A house concert could be a great way to meet that “cutie” down the street, or enjoy a quality evening with good friends.  It can be as simple as a pot luck or dessert party with an intimate vibe!  You get to choose and have fun with it!  Always feel free to contact us if you have questions! And fill out the booking page to book your concert well in advance so you get the date you would like!


You can throw a party and have these women get your friends dancing and singing in your own back yard or venue you choose!  You’ll be the life of the party hiring these professional musicians to play for your guests!  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, “Blaze and Kelly” are such a dynamic act that they will know what songs to play for the mood of your event and can take requests. A party differs from a house concert in that it doesn’t have to be a quiet listening crowd (yet it can be☺ ). And there is a guaranteed fee paid by the host that is agreed upon; however, hosts can leave a tip jar out for extra donations if they choose. 

If you would like to sign up for the Blazing VIP membership you can be awarded a party within the membership AND support the arts!  See details here or get started on the Booking Page.


One of the most magical ways to celebrate your very special day is hiring “Blaze and Kelly” as a duo or band to play for your wedding ceremony or reception.  Because their original music speaks straight to the heart and they know some fabulous cover tunes, they pair very well with the high emotions of a wedding celebration! 

You will find this act affordable and flexible and if you have a special song they don’t know, they can certainly DJ a few tunes making it the best possible situation for your guests!  Determine your date, budget and choice of ceremony or reception or both and fill out the booking page.  You won’t be committed to book with them until all the negotiation is discussed, and terms are agreed upon. They will walk you through the process step by step.  Relax knowing that you and your guests are in for a real treat, and your special day will be that much more memorable! 

Club Concerts

Although “Blaze and Kelly” love a listening crowd there is something to be said for the Club shows and adding ambiance to an evening out for folks.  From hotel lobbies, wineries, breweries and eateries these ladies have enjoyed the less formal setting of the theater show by playing in places like Lagunitas Brewery in California, or the Trap Bar at Grand Targhee, Wyoming!  People are jazzed for live music, and these girls create a great vibe and energy with their tunes that’s contagious.

They have a knack for reading their audiences, and delivering just the right song for the mood of the venue.  From covers like Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and the list goes on.

They manage to slip in their own creations too if the audience is enrolled.  And this is where these two women shine; they really do make a connection with the audience even in a loud bar.  And they have a great time doing it!  Please check out the booking page to inquire when they can play at your establishment!  

Festivals and Concert Series

One comment that is always made during festival and concert shows about these ladies is how “BIG” their sound is for just two women with bass and guitar!  Sure, they can bring a band, but the blend of their voices fill a theater as well as outside stages.  

Depending on the type of festival they can play their originals that fit the genre, or flavor it up with some really well known covers. Many presenters request a set list of 50/50 (cover songs/original songs) and these women accommodate whatever’s needed with delightful banter between songs.  

Opening for Olivia Newton-John, Shawn Colvin, and Crosby Stills and Nash (and many others) gave them some true big stage experience! Opening is no insult as they love a new audience and many of the acts they’ve opened for.  Yet they’ve also headlined quite a number of Festivals too!  Check out their Touring History to find out more and go to the Booking Page to inquire about availability! 

Outreach Program

One of the most gratifying acts of service for Blaze and Kelly is working with children and getting to know communities through educational outreach programs. 

Niccole Blaze is a certified teacher K-12 with over 25 years of public and private teaching experience. She still currently teaches guitar lessons and has worked in many experiential educational settings such as; climbing/rope courses, western horse ranch camp, martial arts, health and fitness coaching. 

Mo Kelly is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a MA in psychology and over 25 years counseling experience. She has worked in resident facilities, supervisory positions, agencies, state positions and her own private practice.  

With this much background combined, these two women know how to work with people with a wide variety of backgrounds. They are enthusiastic about education and are very effective communicators.  

Many presenters call outreach programs “residencies”. This is a particular educational program design by the artists that dovetails into their particular art modality. It may look like a private show, questions and answer series, a workshop, and/or participatory activities.  

If a residency is needed (which helps off-set funds for some communities) please contact Blaze and Kelly and they will discuss specifics about what your community may need or want.  

Programs that they have done are: 

Question/Answer Sessions

Elementary songwriting

Adult Songwriting Workshops (2-3 day events)

Artist Workshops- “Artists Finding Balance”

M.O.P.  a Musical Outreach Program to Mop Out Prejudice. (3-8th grade)

Center for Spiritual Living – Special guest speaker



Niccole teaches acoustic and electric guitar lessons.  Her fee is 30.00/hr for adults and younger students (depending on focus) 20-40 min. lessons. She has worked with ages 5-72 and keeps it fun and fresh!

Skype lessons are available too!  Contact Blaze and Kelly for more details.  


Spiritual Centers

There is a spiritual nature to some of Blaze and Kelly’s music.  You might notice this on songs like; Life is Beautiful, Thankful, Above the Rain and many more.  

These songs fit and help support the messages of Spiritual communities.  Blaze and Kelly have played in CSL’s* and UU’s* nationally and would love the opportunity to meet your special community!  

The ideology of the Spiritual centers they play for resides mainly in the faith that we are ALL ONE.  They have played and sang with Michael Gott and Karen Drucker at the Big Sky Retreat in Montana (2015) and look forward to sharing their message of love and peace with you!  Please fill out the booking form or contact them if you have any questions! 


Listen to Sample

After clicking to play, wait a few moments for audio to load. Audio is 35 minutes long.


*CSL- Center for Spiritual Living

*UU- Unitarian Universalists