Festivals and Concert Series

One comment that is always made during festival and concert shows about these ladies is how “BIG” their sound is for just two women with bass and guitar!  Sure, they can bring a band, but the blend of their voices fill a theater as well as outside stages.  

Depending on the type of festival they can play their originals that fit the genre, or flavor it up with some really well known covers. Many presenters request a set list of 50/50 (cover songs/original songs) and these women accommodate whatever’s needed with delightful banter between songs.  

Opening for Olivia Newton-John, Shawn Colvin, and Crosby Stills and Nash (and many others) gave them some true big stage experience! Opening is no insult as they love a new audience and many of the acts they’ve opened for.  Yet they’ve also headlined quite a number of Festivals too!  Check out their Touring History to find out more and go to the Booking Page to inquire about availability!