House Concerts

This is a rare opportunity to have these artists come and entertain in the comforts of your own home. Yes! This up close and personal look at these artists allows you to unwind and enjoy their music and storytelling in a quiet and comfortable setting! They have lots of stories of their travels, and you will share many laughs with you!

If you decide to host an event or enroll a friend to host an event, here is a link that will give you a full briefing of how to have a successful concert in your home, venue, yoga/retreat center or wherever seems to be the best setting for you.  Download House Concert Guide PDF

It’s really easy and fun, and the expense can be spread out between the folks who attend. Instead of turning on the TV, why not get “Blaze and Kelly” to bring a bit of joy right to your back yard or living room? 

AND if you would like to become a VIP member, they have a “Blazing Membership” that INCLUDES a House Concert, anywhere in the USA!
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A house concert could be a great way to meet that “cutie” down the street, or enjoy a quality evening with good friends.  It can be as simple as a pot luck or dessert party with an intimate vibe!  You get to choose and have fun with it!  Always feel free to contact us if you have questions! And fill out the booking page to book your concert well in advance so you get the date you would like!


You can throw a party and have these women get your friends dancing and singing in your own back yard or venue you choose!  You’ll be the life of the party hiring these professional musicians to play for your guests!  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, “Blaze and Kelly” are such a dynamic act that they will know what songs to play for the mood of your event and can take requests. A party differs from a house concert in that it doesn’t have to be a quiet listening crowd (yet it can be☺ ). And there is a guaranteed fee paid by the host that is agreed upon; however, hosts can leave a tip jar out for extra donations if they choose. 

If you would like to sign up for the Blazing VIP membership you can be awarded a party within the membership AND support the arts!  See details here or get started on the Booking Page.


One of the most magical ways to celebrate your very special day is hiring “Blaze and Kelly” as a duo or band to play for your wedding ceremony or reception.  Because their original music speaks straight to the heart and they know some fabulous cover tunes, they pair very well with the high emotions of a wedding celebration! 

You will find this act affordable and flexible and if you have a special song they don’t know, they can certainly DJ a few tunes making it the best possible situation for your guests!  Determine your date, budget and choice of ceremony or reception or both and fill out the booking page.  You won’t be committed to book with them until all the negotiation is discussed, and terms are agreed upon. They will walk you through the process step by step.  Relax knowing that you and your guests are in for a real treat, and your special day will be that much more memorable!