Purple Carrots

Purple Carrots - Discography

It all started when 3 gifted Boise musicians, Dan Costello, Rebecca Scott and Niccole Blaze seated themselves around a tray of purple carrots, hummus and some garlic olives.  On a journey for newness they decided to collaborate together based on a web driven idea, “Album in a Day”. With giant respect and adoration for each other, they were testing new “soil” to plant their original ORGANIC “purple carrots”. Up all night on March 2, the rules of the “planting” were to create 20 minutes of NEW material together in 24 hours time without editing, overdubbing, splitting or tweezering to death their original creation.  “Hit play and let her roll”, is the name of the game and the simple mixing is basically leaning in or away from one microphone.  This collection is REAL, wholesome, simple, tasty and refreshing…just like, purple carrots!  

Enjoy this delicious mix of tunes as we left it raw.  With a renewed love for each other, we’d also like to thank Mo Kelly for hosting and serving up the purple carrots!  

Recorded 2016

Also available as Digital Download MP3

Purple Carrots - CD Album
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Purple Carrots

by Blaze and Kelly