Joy in the Ride

Greetings lovely friends!!! 

Thanks for taking some time to come read about our adventures and the next new song.  I am happy to have “Joy in the Ride” added to your collection of tunes from this membership.  You don’t know how awesome it feels to have a place for people to go who, “really want to hear that song”!  One of my main goals in building this membership page was to answer that call!

Now I can point listeners to our “cyber campfire” and they can have numerous tunes.  I am still “new” to recording and producing on my own but that being said, I’m getting better.  WE are getting better!  It’s funny, you hit that record button and suddenly screw ups occur out of nowhere! Mo and I have come a long way in that regard. And even though these tracks haven’t been “perfected”, they have been a pretty fun representation of the songs and our delivery. 

I am learning how to use my new “contraptions”.  I have a ZoomH6 hand held recording device.  This allows me to record us with better quality than say a cell phone.  Some cell phones though, are pretty magnificent.  But 9 times out of 10, the bass will be too loud in a recording.  (Mo…sucking up the spot light…ha ha ha!)  No, it’s really not her fault.  Bass sounds great in a live setting but in a recorded audio it can saturate the mix. 

For those of you that don’t know what a “mix” is:  A mix is how music tonal qualities are blended.  So not only the level of the instruments and voice, but how to present them (left, center, right) and how much timber or bass is included.  There are MANY tricks to this trade.  It is an art form all unto itself.  People in Hollywood and around the globe can get paid BIG BUCKS to produce albums as they catch the latest “trend” of sound quality.  It’s amazing because most audiences and listeners don’t really notice.  Or, they may notices but not make the distinction of what is happening.  Things like reverb, and delay…this is a sound quality.  These tools help “wet” the music so it’s not so crisp.  Compression helps to take the sharp edges off of harsh tones.  I use these things very sparingly as I really don’t know what I’m doing yet.  But “Joy in the Ride” I’m pretty proud of.  It’s truly US all the way!  Meaning, it sounds like we are in your living room.  That is my goal.  To make it as real and raw as I can, not all fancified and covered up with too many effects!

I did experiment with Mo’s voice and it was a blast.  Check out her harmony line ¾ into the song.  I was thinking of her beautiful ethereal voice and we basically grabbed that line, doubled it and put an effect called “hall reverb” on it…so it’s like she’s singing from heaven…or the shower!  Ha ha!!!  Anyway, it was fun…I had Joy in this Ride making this song.  I hope you enjoy it!  I really do hope you find our membership valuable and insightful. 

Many of you good souls don’t even check the page and I get it. Busy lives, and that’s ok.  I get too busy to record and write too, but this page helps me try, AND be accountable to you all.  I appreciate the “push”,  AND we definitely appreciate the proceeds! It’s been a tough winter and our puppy, Juno likes to go to the vet it appears!

She cracked her lower canine and needed surgery to extract it! Ugggghhhh!!!  We’ve been so sad about it.  She  has turned a corner and is doing much better now.  She’ll just have a hillbilly smile for the rest of her life.  Idaho dog!  LOL!  I need to teach her how to play banjo!  *Big smile*

I do want you to know, I’ve had difficulty with the go pro (video).  I’m a bit disappointed in that thing.  It was supposed to be user friendly and perhaps this “user” is a bit delayed!  Ha!  I hope to tackle that soon so the movies keep flowing.  For those of you NOT on the B&K Fan Flares group page on facebook; if you are a face book user hit me up with a “friend request” at  I will add you.  Some of you have popular names and I don’t know which “Ann Smith” to request.  ;-) 

If you are NOT on face book, I am looking into how to get movies more readily available to you so there is no latency of time AND my goal is to take you on a trip with us, live stream!  That’s been my goal all along.  I suppose I need to hire an IT person!  Ha ha!  We have to be our own camera girls, musicians, roadies and IT people so…it’s a bit tricky!  Hard to film yourself when you are playing LOL!

We do thank you for your patience in our learning curves with the technology AND thank you so much for helping us get through this winter with “dog tooth” issues and all! 

 That lower left is gone gone gone.... :-(  "Like a dog...chewing on a bone, your gums are bleeding, so you carry it home..."  -She wanted that song to be hers instead of Osa's!  Ha! Keep Facing the Sun!!! 

That lower left is gone gone gone.... :-(  "Like a dog...chewing on a bone, your gums are bleeding, so you carry it home..."  -She wanted that song to be hers instead of Osa's!  Ha! Keep Facing the Sun!!! 


Here are the lyrics to “Joy in the Ride”  (and chords for you guitar players):

Joy in the Ride 

(Capo 2)

A                     Bm

I hear you wrestled that monster down

D                                        E

You’ve tackled every chord and played every town

F#m                      E

Now your just making the rounds

D       F#m                                  E

Ain’t it a pitty, guitar strap on and your touring the city

F#m  E       D                               E

It can be a cold cold place- that mind of yours.


The magic left you years ago

D                                     E

This musical bull you were trying to throw
 F#                     E                                      D

Oh the horn twisted but the string broke

E                 F#m

You lost your joy in the ride.

D                 E

You lost your joy in the ride

A                      F#m

And the music dried up inside

D                E

You lost your joy in the ride

 C#m                 F#m     E

And the fire, in your eye


If getting there is half the fun

D                                                               E

What’s the other half when you’re all done?

F#m  E        D                           E

We all want to shine, here in the city

F#m                                             E

Guitar strap on and ain’t it a pitty

F#m  E                  D                                     E

It can be a cold dark sad song  - this tune of yours

(possible bridge)

Bm                                            D                           E

Recognition for all your ambition is going to fly

F#m    E                              D   F#m  E

On the wings of angels – it ain’t all gray

Bm                          D

There is beauty in what you know

E                                                F#m

More beauty comes when you let it all go

E                  F#m

And find the joy…in the ride!

Chorus:   D                    E

Find the joy in the ride

A                      F#m

Let the music bloom up inside

D              E                     C#m              F#m                    E

Find the joy in the ride, and the fire back in your eyes  X2

 E                     Bm

I heard you wrestled that monster down

D                                        E

You’ve tackled every chord and played every town

F#m                      E

Now you’re making the rounds


Here in the city

F#m                                          E

Guitar strap on and you’re looking real pretty

Bm                 E            F#m

You found the joy…in the ride.


 Thanks for being part of our very special team!!!  We love you!!! 






New song and VIP UPGRADE!!!!

Hello Beautiful Ones!

You have all been on my mind.  I had my birthday celebration and then our puppy Juno had her surgery. She needed to be spayed and have her little “girl parts” worked on so she would avoid infections as an older dog.  Anyway, that felt like full time job! She just now has her stitches out, we had to watch her 24/7 for 3 weeks!  Ugh!  It was a time, let me tell you! She had ripped her stitches one week into recovery and that was costly. Plus she had to be put completely under anesthesia again to repair the damage.   And yes she had the “cone of shame” on yet she did not seem to be too shameful ha!  She’s a self-confident one, that girl!

 "I feel no, get this thing off me!"

"I feel no, get this thing off me!"


So onward: What have I been creating?  I feel as if I am pulling out of a bit of a slump.  I had all these ideas (still do) yet earlier this Fall I had no time.  Then when I finally had time I had zero inclination!  Wow!  What a yo-yo, so things didn’t pan out how I thought they would for the month of November.  Yet, I found a starting point. 

Earlier this fall I traveled north to McCall for just an overnight.  I spread out all of my “song-bones”.  Song bones are those scraps of songs, full songs, half songs, great titles, ideas, fragments, thoughts…you get the idea.  It turns out, I have A LOT of song bones.  It was pretty neat to go through them all. 

 Song bones...a starting point!

Song bones...a starting point!

There was one in particular that I always loved but I wrote it on a “baritone” guitar.  This is a guitar that I own where I simply turn the dial and “presto” it’s in drop B tuning!  I love this guitar because it takes me out of what I know.  It makes me musical instead of theoretical.  I can only use my ear because my fingers don’t know the notes in these odd tunings (yet) and I’m glad I say yet.  Maybe I will familiarize myself with these different tunings or maybe I will reserve them for the mystery that they seem to be.  It’s still fresh and new that way!

So, I wrote this sad song a couple years ago called, “Only the Lucky”.  I’ve always liked the song, but I never completed the song and it’s a bit ironic because it says, “only the lucky finish the song” ha!  Well…I finally finished it! 

I haven’t decided on the version I will share with you.  I have a new friend who plays piano and she and I recorded this song on piano and then I have a guitar version.  Perhaps I will put them BOTH down and you all can tell me which one you like.

Here's the lyrics to the new song:  Only the Lucky
All of my best & all of my love    
Goes to you,  oh darlin’
All of my best and all of my love
Goes to you
There have been times and I confess
I’ve been the fool oh darlin’
But I’d do it again
The best I can, all for you

Life is short    Love is Long   
Only the lucky finish the song

Time goes by in the blink of an eye
And what a ride oh darlin’
No better ways, I spend my days all for you
We can choose again with a brand new hand
And play it right – oh darlin’
Pick a new line to sing in time here with you!

So won’t you finish the song with me
Carry on with the ride just me and you
So I can be lucky too

Which leads me to another important thing I would like to share with you: our goal was always to build a community of Blaze and Kelly super fans and I feel that this platform just does not give me enough feedback from you all.

I often have so many muses and would like to include you all in it but the platform I am running does not allow it.  I have asked my web manager about making an interactive platform from the beginning but he “poo-poo-ed” it and for some reason I went along with him.  I suppose he painted a picture of another “social media” head-ache that I must keep up with. 

Time has changed my thinking.  I want to send pictures and comments to you “guys” on the fly, when we are out there on our trips.  Get you instant video and bring you along with us on our adventures and by the time I get home, recollect my thoughts, down load all the material we’ve either recorded or caught on video the moments are long gone and then I procrastinate further and feel terrible.  So what I’ve decided to do is – open it up on face book also! 

I will invite you all to an EXCLUSIVE “Blaze and Kelly” group on Facebook. I have to think of a creative name, but for those of you on face book, you will get the invite.  For those of you NOT on face book, all I can say is, you WILL keep getting all from your membership information as it is and yet the face book group page will be an extra bonus ONLY FOR YOU.  If you would LIKE to join us, open a face book account and let me know your “handle”.  Some people don’t use face book and I understand.  You can sign up under a “ghost-name”.  Pick a handle, “old timer”, “bandit”, “rainbow walker” …ha !   Whatever it is, let me know and I will get you on the group page. 

I decided Face book because most people already have it in place.  It won’t cost a thing and it will be super convenient.  When I write new content I can point to it from face book too.  AND the best part is…you all will be able to interact with each other and get to know other members and I really believe our audience is such a great group of people.  I really don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier.  I was afraid of the over whelm of more social media, but I feel that being out of touch with you can be more stressful.

I will STILL be doing the membership page on the website!  Have no fear about that!  I just am looking for a way to add more value to our membership, thus having the interactive page for all of you so we can stay in touch whenever we feel like it. 

Also, I would like your suggestions on how we can make things better, and I think having our interactions on-line may be what's missing.  I want to know what you would like to see, hear, experience from our membership page.  I want to make the membership better, bigger, grander than it is!  So….get your hot dog sticks out and your bag of marshmallows and meet me over on Face Book from time to time.  It's wonderful to hear from you. 

You can be as involved on non-involved as you want.  You don’t HAVE to interact, but have the option to, if you'd like.  It’s just another better feature for your membership!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us!  We really want you to know how very special you all are and we so appreciate each and every one of you!  Gratitude! 

 Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Niccole & Mo





Hi Friends,

Ok…where the heck did September go? Holy Cow!   I read back on my last blog to you folks and we have been on the go since August. IT’S no wonder I missed September!

I HAVE been writing but just not exclusively to you, so sorry.  We went to Nashville and I wrote a blog about the experience and shared it with everyone because I found it a valuable thing to do.  You can catch up here if you haven’t read it:

I also wrote about being hard of hearing here:

So I HAVE been writing and I WANT to start writing songs again. Hopefully I can focus on this and bring this desire into fruition.  We have one final stent this month.  We are heading to Oregon to surprise one of my friends for her birthday.  We leave tomorrow, play in Baker City then head to Lincoln City.  It’s her 40th birthday and I’m excited to surprise her!!!

She’s not the only one “turning old” this month!  Ha!  I am joining a new club!  The 40’s…ug, errr 50’s club LOL!  Is this even possible???! Beats the alternative, right?  I have many thoughts about coming to this age but none that are swamping me at the present moment which is a good thing. 

In this business, unfortunately age matters.  However, there is MUCH success to be had that doesn’t mean “super stardom” and I think it’s more imperative to be young for that kind of “success”.  I’m reading a great book about the “new music industry” and it seems most people confuse success with mega stardom aka Eric Clapton style and that is the 1%.  I like the way this author defines success as basically: funding your living via your art.  So, if you can self sustain and pay your bills and other things due to your art (in our case music), then this is success. 

Well, that takes a little of the heat off.  We still must “hustle” for that status and as I am turning older by a new decade I wonder how much “hustle” I have in me!  Ha!  But I do still feel that I am on the right path and truly enjoying it!  Even if we do get tired and we watch other people party and eat and drink while we are starving on the side lines singing songs!  Ha!! 

We went to this party a couple weeks ago.  It was elaborate.  Mega food, beautiful surroundings, lots of people.  The folks enjoyed the music, and came in like vultures.  Within that first hour that we played,  ALL the food was devoured!  Wow!  We laughed.  This is typical and we’ve learned to pack snacks in our car for those 10 minutes we eject ourselves to get a little sustenance.  Trouble with that is usually there is someone who is excited to talk our ears off so we have to make our disappearance gracefully and efficiently.   Mo is SO MUCH better at this than I am…but I’m learning LOL!

So much has happened in the world since we last “spoke”!?!?  The full Solar Eclipse was such a spectacle to see!  It opened my heart chakra a mile wide! Yet I’ve been crushed by the news: Tom Petty passed from this plane. Many folks were injured and killed in Las Vegas.  Hurricanes pelted the Planet. California is still on fire.  And here I sit with the doggie at my feet…and I just raked up some of my autumn leaves today. This world is NOT absent of material to write about! 

In a world with so much pain, music can bring us together.  Good friends show up to help with loading appliances into our home.  My yoga teacher makes a statement in this morning’s class, “feel your inner beauty”.  I can be grateful for a clean office (just accomplished less than an hour ago).  I am grateful for so much, yet I get that it can be so hard.  The outside world and the people in it are really struggling; struggling with tough and real dilemmas.  It’s hard to rise above circumstance, but so many are doing it; coming together in the midst of chaos…..we all have much to see and learn from what’s happening today. I do wish, hope and pray that our music eases someone in their day or at least connects them to what they need to be connected to at this time. 

Winter is on its way. Another grey hair pops out of my head.   I can celebrate with friends and family for just a “blip” of time.  The back of my mind hopes we have enough “peanuts” squirreled away to afford that furnace we have put off buying.  Ha!  If success means we can buy a furnace, then there it is!!!  *Big Smile*  All those tips in the jar, literally bringing heat into our home!!  All of your smiles and contributions too!  It is no wonder many talented musicians never wade out to “sea” and try surviving on their talents.  It’s quite a storm at times.  Many a swift current and sharks like to take you down.  It is a challenge to not predict where your next “food source” will come from.  But one thing I’ve learned and re-learned is…Trust.  Letting go and trusting the Universe will provide.  If I do my part and keep “swimming” even treading water at times…I will not only survive but thrive!

Thank you beautiful friends!  Here come the holidays around the corner.  Keep all those beautiful gratitude’s close to your heart and know you are one of ours! 

Much love,

Niccole & Mo

Wonder Nic 2.jpg

Meeting Juno

Hi Friends,

Life has been a world-wind for us!  Throw a puppy into the mix and "life, oh life...can turn around on you"!  Indeed!  We picked her up on 5/17, 3 months after Osa passed. In some senses it could have been too soon, as we both are still grieving that champion dog...however, all things happen the way they are supposed to. 

We took a little time off and went down to Hawaii, which was absolutely wonderful and well needed.  We had 3 dives and saw some really cool things.  It was amazing to breath under the water!  This was our first experience as divers and to me, it feels like flying.  I've often had dreams where I am flying and scuba is the closest thing.  Oh what a new world it is!  There will be clips of our dive as soon as I can figure out our new go pro camera!  Ha!  Technology comes with a high learning curve.  

Then we went to Oregon and had a great mini tour there.  Some of you were at that show! (Thank you!)  We rolled on to mother-hood and picked up our new pup.  We drove 8-9 hrs with new puppy, "Juno" in tow.  Ya know, she is a good traveler.  She sat in her bed and slept, then came up on the console, just like Osa used to do.  She is adorable!  That has been the most common descriptive word.  We haven't even had her for a month yet and she knows: sit, stay, lie down, leave it, come, drop, where's my foot, ok, off, gentle, no bite, roll-over, go potty and we are working on crawl, touch, kisses.  Now...she KNOWS these words but doesn't do it all the time!  Ha!  She is just a baby after all!  But I see in her eyes a dedication when I go into my routine with her.  She's very eager to show me she can get it and she is quite studious.  

When I walk her, I say, "on the side" and she stays to the side that has the grass.  And I also tell her when to "cross-over" the road and to sit and heal.  She gets it.  However, she is a pill and in that way I mean she likes to chew!  This dog will chew your face off if you let her! She's a piece of work!  I've been working with her every day and I'm so looking forward to the day she doesn't needle teeth me to death.  She's like a freaking Parana!!!  Ha!!!  

It's difficult to have patience at times.  Both Mo and I have to take breaks and hand her off! Ha ha!! Much like having a baby, yet...we can throw her in the crate with out any repercussions from CPS!  LOL!  

She's going to be a great dog!  This I know.  We are just working it out right now and it's been a very sleep deprived period for us!  Osa was a bit more mellow and gentler spirit.  This one has the  "fire" and her will is incredibly strong.  

After only 4 days of being home with her from our trip, I took a trip up to North Idaho to be with my Dad.  Mo stayed behind and enjoyed her peace from the "baby" and I got some quality time in with my Papa who is 86 years old and recently had knee surgery.  He made it through and is doing well.  Juno was again, the perfect traveler!  A 9 hour drive, ugh!  So, she got about 1500 miles under her belt from our travels in less than a month.  

Is it no wonder I try to find time to update and say hello to you all and can't seem to squeeze it in!  Ha!  When I was at my fathers, I basically worked my tail off putting his garden in.  It was wonderful!  I really enjoyed it.  I also learned a great deal from him about gardening.  I think I came home and slept for two days, my body was so sore.  I also forgot to mention that I really wrecked my shoulder in a wave during our Maui visit!  I am so lucky I did not break my back or break the shoulder completely.  I am also lucky that I can still play guitar.  However, it is still really sore but I've been taking good care of it.  I did all those dives, and all the work in the garden AND carried Juno (who is like a sack of potatos!  25 pounds already!) up and down my fathers steps (as she was too little to manage it).  Wow!  

So, I know I say I'm taking care of it and after writing all that...probably doesn't sound like I am, ha ha!!  Lots of oils, liniment, massage, acupuncture etc.  It's improving but it probably won't be back to normal for a few more months.  

I came home and applied the same techniques that I did in Dad's garden to mine!  I'm very please at the way it is coming along  AND I did this with a puppy!  Wow!  Try putting in a garden with a puppy who likes to chew on everything.  It's been a perfect opportunity for learning and for me with patience, I tell you!  Whew!  

I think of all the gratitude I have.  The health that I do have.  Even with the shoulder, how much we take for granted when our bodies DO work and feel good!  Ya know, my song "Turn Around" I look at even more with it's first line, "Every Ocean wave, every addiction crave has an undertow.  It sucks you in and acts like your friend, you want to think so".  That wave was NOT my friend!  Ha ha!!  And this puppy IS my friend but my life is very much like that song right now!  Really!  I am in the middle of this wave and a new era I suppose.  

My creative time has been cut to a nill a bit and I'm wondering how to get that back.  I've had many songs fly around in my head but nothing I can seem to get on paper.  But my shoulder is a reminder to just be gentle with myself and that is a challenge for, I'll take the lesson.  

We sure appreciate all of you!  I can't even begin to say how much your support means for us and really helps us along!!!  How awesome to see some of you  on our travels!  I wish for you all a safe peaceful summer filled with joy! 

Much love,

Niccole & Mo



 Those eyes!!!  ;-) 

Those eyes!!!  ;-) 

Thanksgiving and Tee Pees

Hello fabulous VIP members!
We’re hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family. We were in much gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday for each and every one of you, and all the incredible support you’ve given us! We take your fabulous energy with us in our travels, and get the opportunity to share your energy and our music with the rest of the world. What a gift…..
We just returned from Jackson Hole and are so grateful that Mother Nature was on our side, helping us arrive safely there and back home again. We left early, and got to Jackson just before the snow flew last Wednesday. Now, “early” meaning 6am, was a challenge, I cannot lie, especially for us entertainers, but in lieu of a potentially dangerous journey, we rallied to get on the road while still dark, and fought off the sleepy stick, enjoying all the sites because we had daylight to lead the way. Osa had the best seat in the SUV.
Traveling over the Swan Valley and Teton Pass, 10% grade, slick and scary, is not for the feign of heart. Good thing Niccole is a fully bonafide commercial driver. I feel safe in her hands, totally trust her. And then of course, there are just certain travels/roads that she’d rather be behind the wheel anyway, because to be a passenger while I’m driving can sometimes be a scary thing, at least for Niccole.
We landed at our friend, Sarah’s place near Teton National Park. A magical little wonderland that’s nestled below the incredible Teton mountain range. You cannot imagine the amount of wildlife we saw! We thought we could be in National geographic! A family of 8 deer, about 4 fawns the rest does, came up as close as the porch to say hello and feed off the grasses barely visible cloaked by new snow. Moose were known to frequent the property but we didn’t see any this time. However, you’d think we were in the Elk Refuge from the incredible herds of elk that came through her property……amazing!

We spent Thanksgiving eve with a group of folks we didn’t know, but with whom we quickly became friends. One of the gals, named Sue, did photography as a hobbyist, but could have easily been a professional photographer for any wildlife outfit. Beautiful authentic pictures of grizzlies and their cubs, a bear that took down a bison, wolves, and rams antlers locked in the fight for the next female. Stunning pictures, and so many stories she shared. It was a special treat.
We not only had a food coma, but a sensory coma with all the incredible beauty we got to see on film .
Friday we headed over the hill to the party that we were hired to play, after a much needed rehearsal. We landed at the Teton Teepee hotel, on the way to Targhee Ski Resort where the party was hosted. We played for a gals’ 70th birthday party. She and her husband has seen us play throughout the years, but approached us last August while we were playing at Redfish Lake Lodge and asked if we’d come out Thanksgiving weekend in Wyoming to play for her special day. We couldn’t have been more delighted to have such a gracious invitation at a time to give thanks.

The beauty of this venue is that we were all enclosed in this gi-normous great room, that looked like a gigantic wooden teepee, and somehow that all brought us close. Nicci called it, they all wanted to dance. So we pulled out our dance tunes and the dance floor became full of folks shaking their tail feathers! So much fun! Lots of great laughs and smiles witnessed that night. We retired to our hotel room where Osa excitedly awaited us to hear of our recent adventures, and bite our hands to signify she was happy we were home, well Super 8 was home for this particular night.

Saturday, the “day after” as we’ve affectionately coined it, we had fun. In other words, the gig is behind us, we have no other commitments for several days so we can just relax, and unwind a bit. We spent the morning swimming laps in the hotel pool and taking a soak in the hot tub. We had the whole place to ourselves. While the prospect of skinny dipping under these circumstances was appealing to me, we decided to play it safe. Afterall, we had brought our bathing suits. Would have just preferred not to have to wear them.

We then visited an outdoor store, so Nicc could get a better jacket for winter. Something warm, but stylistic. And we found it, on sale no less, so we were very happy campers. This was in the little town of Driggs, ID. and I couldn’t help notice the Thai restaurant down the way. So off we went for some lunch, and OMG! It was absolutely amazing!!! Truly authentic! Don’t know if you realized, but Nicc and I are total foodies! Any delicious, delectableness is right up our alley! So we were in hoggie heaven, and thoroughly enjoyed our indulgence, which included a decadent Thai ice tea too!

We then ventured over the Teton pass again, free of snow thankfully, and made our way to Sarah’s in Jackson Hole. We had a leisurely couple of days at her homestead given the fact that it snowed on and off the rest of the time we were there. Got to get our exercise shoveling her porches and driveway, and of course, there were lots of good meals to prepare. It was very relaxing, and we found ourselves feeling free of stress, obligation, or worry. It was like a continual meditation. Everywhere you looked was unprecedented beauty with the hopeful promise of something fresh and new.

Upon our departure at dark-thirty Monday morning, 100 elk came meandering through Sarah’s property. Babies, Bulls, and Mammas! I could hear the babies calling to their mammas. Sounded like mewing kittens. Incredible! Of course witnessing this monumental event delayed our departure a bit, but we were the better off for it. What an incredible site to witness. So majestic!
Now we’ve been home for 3 days. The to-do lists have piled up, and our offices are a mess, but we are so grateful to be in the holiday season, and feeling the fabulous holiday spirit in the best way possible! At home, with family and friends, and with much to be thankful for. Hope you’re enjoying the new CD, “The Sun Runs.” May it run a little extra slow this holiday season so that we can truly take in all the beautiful memories we have to behold, and those precious moments that simply unparallel any others.
Wishing you all the best this season! May the most you wish for, be the least you receive. May you always share what you’re grateful for, and may you have health and happiness abundant!
Happy Holidays to each and every one!

Love Mo and Niccole, and Dig Dog, Osa

New Jersey New York NEW CD!!!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you lovely VIP members!

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Wow! Can you believe it’s already time for giving Thanks!  Well we have a lot to give thanks for, both this time of year, and every day of the year with all of your support on this musical journey and significant outreach to the world.

We are so excited that our 8th CD, titled “The Sun Runs,” was released at the Sapphire Room on November 10th  to an amazing sold out show!  For those of you that were able to come, we thank you for your warmth and applause as we delivered our musical musings to you, a long time in the making.

January of 2016 is when we started to record the instrumental tracks; the vocals came later, and layer upon layer of other instrumentation and vocals.  Many hours in the studio, watching each other through glass, hearing the vocal tracks laid down for the first time and feeling everything meld together so beautifully. Then the arduous editing part, uggggg!  Well, as you know, apparently it takes a long time to baste that turkey ladies and gentlemen!  We thank each and every one of you for watching the tiny embers of this new collection of songs rise into the heart-felt, brilliant flames we’d hoped it would be!  We believe in the messages it brings!

We’ve been all over the place since we last posted.  We attended the Northwest booking conference in beautiful downtown Spokane WA mid October, and met some talent buyers from WA, OR, NV, and CA that expressed some interest in booking us for their 2017-2018 concert series.  The historic Davenport hotel is lovely if you’re ever in that neck of the woods. We highly recommend it!

We were home for a few days thereafter before packing up for the East Coast tour. This was a fun trip as the “anchor gig” actually started as Niccole’s High School Reunion, of which she’d never attended before.  No, I won’t tell you the year because that would “date us,” and we want you to continue to think how young and vibrant we are, even if we feel like antiques.  So needless to say, we had a Unity church in Rehoboth Beach, DE invite us to play a concert Sat night 10/22, and for their Sunday service the next day. There was so much love and appreciation in the room we thought we were back here at home!  We had a lot of pre-CD sale orders too, which we are proud to say are already off in the mail and have surely arrived in good hands!

So our trip back East was like 4 trips in one.  The first two days “catching up with ourselves” at Nicc’s sister Donna’s. What a lovely lady! We call her ‘Donna Mamma.’  She took us on a lovely walk of a nature/wildlife preservation park, wined and dined us, and wow, the rich conversations that took place between she and Nicc as they told stories of their family roots and what they thought about it all. We were up till 1am every night chatting it up.  What a beautiful time Nicc had with her precious sister.  Was great to see her zest and enthusiasm!  It was like a slumber party, true girls night out!

We were then off the Rehoboth Delaware, where we were hosted in a lovely home about 2 miles from the beach. We enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and of course the smells and sensations of the Atlantic Ocean!  We landed back in Columbus, NJ where Niccole grew up, and visited with friends and family there for a couple of days before we headed to Philidelphia to see one of my high school buddies, Arcana. It had been 5 years since I’d seen her.  Was great to catch up, though I only wish I could have extended time in order to enjoy her delightful company a day longer.

The next day we were on a train to Penn Station, NY. It was only an hour or so from Hamilton NJ, a mere 9 miles from where we hung our hat.  We landed around noon, and went to Time Square to be overwhelmed for awhile. Niccole got a coffee from a street barista.  We sat down and took it all in for awhile.  Since we were only going to be there a little over 24 hours, we decided to rally to see as much as possible.  We jumped on NY Tours; a bus that takes you to many favored spots and tells you about it.  You can hop off, when you want to explore, and hop back on when you’re ready to hit the next location. Best of all, you’re not dodging traffic or worried about getting hit in a cross walk, you’re safe and sound on a double decker bus checking out the sky-risers.  Don’t stand up though because you’re likely to kiss a traffic signal light…, that did not happen to us……

So we explored Chinatown and Little Italy, some of the Soho district (somewhat a part of Greenwich village). The city felt like it had its own entire vibration, like it was undulating.  Parts of it felt like bling bling Las Vegas, especially around Broadway, and 8th Ave up to Columbia Circle.  We saw the Statue of Liberty (from afar, but as close as we could get), visited the giant bronze Merrill Lynch Bull, that signifies strength and leadership for the country, visited sobering “Ground Zero” which wasa beautiful elegant vision and tribute to a deathly and horrific event in our history.  We stopped in to the sacred Trinity Church, one of the only churches in the vicinity of the Twin Towers to survive that time.  The experience was rich and unforgettable.

When we returned to ‘Donna Mamma’s’ house, it was time for Niccole’s High School reunion.  Now the gal that was organizing it wanted to do something special for Niccole because it was also her birthday.  She ordered a beautiful cake that was to be shared in a special moment with all of her classmates.  She said quite knowingly, “are those candles the ones that don’t go out?!?” Well no sooner did she say that and start blowing did her lovely long locks catch on fire!   The former class president was smacking her hair, yelling “you’re on fire!” poor fellow looked like he was going to have a heart attack! But then all was well, Niccole put it out herself, no one threw water on her, and she did enjoy her cake, even though she smelt like a smoldering pile of burn hair all night, poor love.  Everyone loved her up anyway! That was a fabulous and memorable time! Even though I’m a west coast girl, and hadn’t met many of her East Coast buddies, I felt right at home.  They are a beautiful group of folks, much like we are grateful for here at home and with you all. We were honored to play 4 ballads of Niccole’s for the event that night.  You couldn’t hear a pin drop.

What I loved in particular was watching Nicc rally the turnpikes and highways with ease and grace; when she got her “Jersey” full on! I love that accent! Driving became a new kind of sensation as she’d talk to fellow drivers she was irritated with; when you could hear her jovial, wall-shaking laughter from any corner of the room when she was greeted by old friends; and of course, don’t forget the quintessential moment when we bit into a philly cheesesteak or hoagie!  De-li-cious!   Made everything complete!

(This is now Niccole, because Mo is NOT a completion freak like I am!  Ha HA!!!  I want to get this to you before we leave!)

We are now presently off and running to Wyoming for Thanksgiving.  We have friends of ours to meet in Jackson and a private party to play the day after Thanksgiving in Alta (which is near Driggs on the Idaho side of the Tetons)

We haven’t forgotten about new mp3’s and movies.  We ARE behind in getting some new stuff to you…I hope for now you are satisfied with the new CDand know that now that Mr. Winter is on his way, we will have more time to devote to writing, musing, posting.  In fact, we will be working on implementing a new web site.  It will be nice to have an updated sleek new site that goes along with a treasured gem of a CD!

Isn’t it cool that you guys “watched” us through this process?  Remember last year when I posted “I Give Thanks”, I just wrote it and was in tears…and had the courage to just post it while it was so fresh and vulnerable.  Wow!  Now it’s come to fruition and it has a new name.  I decided to change it to Thankful because it’s not about “I” at all…this is a worlds’ tune.  Everyone can own it and YOU can be the narrator of your own thankful song!  😉

Thank you for ALL your kindnesses!  We so appreciate you keeping our fires burning!  Now…please pass that egg nog!  *wink*  Be well sweet friends!