Winter time lounging and songwriting!

Happy Holidays Friends!

I know I’ve been a recluse on the blog activity.  I’ve been in my transition mode between Fall and Winter.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  There are so many things we are grateful for.  One of them is YOU!  For listening and supporting our musical journey!  The other is being blessed by the “song ferries”!  They gifted me with a tune that came straight from another orbit on Thanksgiving Eve. I’m so happy about that!  We had just returned from a dear friend’s holiday feast and Mo crashed out on the couch with big dog, Osa.  While they snored away in unison, I put my trusty guitar in hand, and started to pluck away a sweet melody. It felt like a new master piece dropped out of the cosmos!  It’s called, “I Give Thanks” and I really love the song.  It’s stuck with Mo and I since I wrote it.


We are also so grateful for our winter gigs and private parties.  They keep us a float in the winter time (when we “chew our fat” ha!) We are happy to provide warmth in the winter cold with good cheer, songs and friendships!  So thank you for joining us in the winter and we truly appreciate those of you who have hosted parties!  If anyone would like to host a party, please check out our booking page here:

You can also go to the Blaze and Kelly Face Book page now and click on the “Booking” button on the main picture to book too! Face Book has come a long way for those who are on it.  If you “Subscribe” to our blazeandkelly page (not just “LIKE” our page but “subscribe”) that will allow our events to show up on your event calendar so you won’t miss out!  Yay!  So if you will, please go to:   and “like” and “subscribe”.