Traveling North

Hello there special VIP members!

Lots of travels this past week and more to come as we will be touring the East Coast through early November and want to catch you up on how our project is coming along for our 8th CD release of “The Sun Runs.”
We played a show called “Elevate 208” whice was an all female artists showcase on Friday 10/7 at Cinder Wineries here in Boise. We had 7 gals belting it out on 7 mics, with all kinds of instrumentation, and a crowd that was unyielding in their enthusiasm. This event was 10 years in the making as we’ve all “jammed” together, but never played a collaborative concert event. This was a lot of fun, and for those of you that made it to the show, we hope you felt the same. Artists featured were Emily Tipton, Meghan Watters, Rochelle Smith, Rebecca Scott, Deb Sager, and yours truly. We would like to do a similar production once a year, but then again, getting 7 musicians together for rehearsal is like herding cats, so…… to be continued on that beautiful subject.
Thought we’d have the weekend to pack for our week-long tour in WA/ID, oh no……we had a private party in Mountain Home the next day to celebrate our lovely friend’s 60th birthday party, and then our last patio show Sunday at the Sandbar in Boise.

We drove cross-eyed to WA the next day, Monday for our annual NW booking conference.It was in Spokane WA this year, Monday-Thursday. We’ve been attending these conferences for the past 10 years in an attempt to get our music into communities all over the NW regions. These include the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Wyoming. You ask, what is a booking conference? Well it’s a place entertainment acts go to get booked. Talent buyers from rural areas and metropolitan cities show up every year to “buy” talent, or in other words, book the artists/performers that come to showcase their music. We didn’t have a showcase this year (a 12 minute frightening performance in front of 250 talent buyers) but rather gave a workshop for artists on “how to balance business with creativity.” We had a booth representing our music/act and were visited by about a half a dozen talent buyers in WA and OR who are interested in having us come perform for their communities for their 2017/2018 concert series season.
We met a lot of very talented artists/musicians as well, and made some good connections for Washington and California. Each day had a jam packed agenda. Workshops in the a.m, rubbing elbows with talent buyers in the afternoon, 2 showcase sessions lasting 2 hours each in the beautiful Fox theater, downtown Spokane, and then luncheons, consultations, and after hour showcases in the evening. We ran from 8am to 11 pm each day, and Niccole even did karaoke with the talent buyers one night (a very late night for her). A lot of “hob-knobbing” if you will, to build the relationships needed to get the contracts to perform in the next few years.

We stayed at the historic Davenport hotel downtown. Originally built in 1914 and remodeled to its exquisite original state in 2002. Osa, our beloved furry one, hung out in the hotel room all day and didn’t complain at all. What an amazing pooch!
On Thursday we headed to Sandpoint, ID for our show at the Panida Theater. We had a radio interview on KRFY 88.5 FM community radio on Friday. You can hear that show if you go to and look under their archived shows for 10/14/16. Then we performed at the theater Saturday night. We had a great turn out, and lots of wonderful feedback. We even got “shimmers” put in our hair for the show. We have sparkly, glimmers in our hair that were tied with a fish knot to single strand roots, and their supposed to last 6 months to a year. Hours and hours of happy entertainment. Looked fantastic with the stage lights. Like celebrating your birthday everyday! By the way, it was pitch black while we performed. Very difficult for us who like to “see” our audience, however we could hear the giggles and sentiment in the audience, and it reminded us of being at home. Thanks for all of your support! You are with us wherever we go!
The “Sun Runs” CD release at the Sapphire will be November 10, 2016. 7:30-10pm. We have our CD mastered and ready for replication. Just working on the finishing touches of the art work for the CD. We think you’ll really be pleased with how it turned out. Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you! Again we thank you so much for all of your support, and look forward to seeing you soon!
We’re off and running! With only a day between our Northern travels to our Eastern travels we are so glad we got the chance to catch up with you! We’ll catch you up on our East coast tour when we return early November! Until then, enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather, and take good care of yourselves!