Winged Voices

Well Hello Beautiful Friends:


We are back from our travels (for a little while) and it feels really good to be home. Upon arriving home, road-tired, but with a smile on our face, we had only two days to literally, “get our ACT together” for a big local show here at the Sapphire Room in Boise. This was our second sold out show at the Sapphire! We send a hardy hello to all of you who attended the “Live at the Sapphire” show in April, 2014! You all brought the same incredible energy to last Friday night’s show (our pre-CD release “Keep Facing the Sun”) If our instruments and voices could have wings, you put them there that evening! Wow! We are still high from that incredible time with you to share our up-coming tunes, and see our new lead guitarist, Fritz Jones, and drummer, Blaine Johnston in action. Roxx as always, added her amazing harmonies to ours, and that, my friends, is called musical nirvana! We get lifted by your support and kindness, just as much as our harmonies may touch your hearts.

We are so grateful for your on-going support to follow this dream called “music.” We consider it a special privilege to be doing what we love for a career, and you make it happen dear friends! We simply couldn’t do it without you, so a very special thanks of appreciation to all of you who keep this ball rolling!

We have been offered more tasty, high caliber shows this year, and the best thing about it is, they are reaching out to us. No more long endless hours on the computer, going down cyber holes of music research, with very little return on the time invested. Part of the reason we keep getting invited back is because of folks like you! Staff at various venues always remark on how wonderful and kind our audience is, and that the entire experience we all bring when we get together is an amazing “feel good” time! So kudos to you, and your hearts and smiles that touch everyone is some way. You are a gift!
Much Love to you all,
Mo Kelly