New song and VIP UPGRADE!!!!

Hello Beautiful Ones!

You have all been on my mind.  I had my birthday celebration and then our puppy Juno had her surgery. She needed to be spayed and have her little “girl parts” worked on so she would avoid infections as an older dog.  Anyway, that felt like full time job! She just now has her stitches out, we had to watch her 24/7 for 3 weeks!  Ugh!  It was a time, let me tell you! She had ripped her stitches one week into recovery and that was costly. Plus she had to be put completely under anesthesia again to repair the damage.   And yes she had the “cone of shame” on yet she did not seem to be too shameful ha!  She’s a self-confident one, that girl!

"I feel no, get this thing off me!"

"I feel no, get this thing off me!"


So onward: What have I been creating?  I feel as if I am pulling out of a bit of a slump.  I had all these ideas (still do) yet earlier this Fall I had no time.  Then when I finally had time I had zero inclination!  Wow!  What a yo-yo, so things didn’t pan out how I thought they would for the month of November.  Yet, I found a starting point. 

Earlier this fall I traveled north to McCall for just an overnight.  I spread out all of my “song-bones”.  Song bones are those scraps of songs, full songs, half songs, great titles, ideas, fragments, thoughts…you get the idea.  It turns out, I have A LOT of song bones.  It was pretty neat to go through them all. 

Song bones...a starting point!

Song bones...a starting point!

There was one in particular that I always loved but I wrote it on a “baritone” guitar.  This is a guitar that I own where I simply turn the dial and “presto” it’s in drop B tuning!  I love this guitar because it takes me out of what I know.  It makes me musical instead of theoretical.  I can only use my ear because my fingers don’t know the notes in these odd tunings (yet) and I’m glad I say yet.  Maybe I will familiarize myself with these different tunings or maybe I will reserve them for the mystery that they seem to be.  It’s still fresh and new that way!

So, I wrote this sad song a couple years ago called, “Only the Lucky”.  I’ve always liked the song, but I never completed the song and it’s a bit ironic because it says, “only the lucky finish the song” ha!  Well…I finally finished it! 

I haven’t decided on the version I will share with you.  I have a new friend who plays piano and she and I recorded this song on piano and then I have a guitar version.  Perhaps I will put them BOTH down and you all can tell me which one you like.

Here's the lyrics to the new song:  Only the Lucky
All of my best & all of my love    
Goes to you,  oh darlin’
All of my best and all of my love
Goes to you
There have been times and I confess
I’ve been the fool oh darlin’
But I’d do it again
The best I can, all for you

Life is short    Love is Long   
Only the lucky finish the song

Time goes by in the blink of an eye
And what a ride oh darlin’
No better ways, I spend my days all for you
We can choose again with a brand new hand
And play it right – oh darlin’
Pick a new line to sing in time here with you!

So won’t you finish the song with me
Carry on with the ride just me and you
So I can be lucky too

Which leads me to another important thing I would like to share with you: our goal was always to build a community of Blaze and Kelly super fans and I feel that this platform just does not give me enough feedback from you all.

I often have so many muses and would like to include you all in it but the platform I am running does not allow it.  I have asked my web manager about making an interactive platform from the beginning but he “poo-poo-ed” it and for some reason I went along with him.  I suppose he painted a picture of another “social media” head-ache that I must keep up with. 

Time has changed my thinking.  I want to send pictures and comments to you “guys” on the fly, when we are out there on our trips.  Get you instant video and bring you along with us on our adventures and by the time I get home, recollect my thoughts, down load all the material we’ve either recorded or caught on video the moments are long gone and then I procrastinate further and feel terrible.  So what I’ve decided to do is – open it up on face book also! 

I will invite you all to an EXCLUSIVE “Blaze and Kelly” group on Facebook. I have to think of a creative name, but for those of you on face book, you will get the invite.  For those of you NOT on face book, all I can say is, you WILL keep getting all from your membership information as it is and yet the face book group page will be an extra bonus ONLY FOR YOU.  If you would LIKE to join us, open a face book account and let me know your “handle”.  Some people don’t use face book and I understand.  You can sign up under a “ghost-name”.  Pick a handle, “old timer”, “bandit”, “rainbow walker” …ha !   Whatever it is, let me know and I will get you on the group page. 

I decided Face book because most people already have it in place.  It won’t cost a thing and it will be super convenient.  When I write new content I can point to it from face book too.  AND the best part is…you all will be able to interact with each other and get to know other members and I really believe our audience is such a great group of people.  I really don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier.  I was afraid of the over whelm of more social media, but I feel that being out of touch with you can be more stressful.

I will STILL be doing the membership page on the website!  Have no fear about that!  I just am looking for a way to add more value to our membership, thus having the interactive page for all of you so we can stay in touch whenever we feel like it. 

Also, I would like your suggestions on how we can make things better, and I think having our interactions on-line may be what's missing.  I want to know what you would like to see, hear, experience from our membership page.  I want to make the membership better, bigger, grander than it is!  So….get your hot dog sticks out and your bag of marshmallows and meet me over on Face Book from time to time.  It's wonderful to hear from you. 

You can be as involved on non-involved as you want.  You don’t HAVE to interact, but have the option to, if you'd like.  It’s just another better feature for your membership!

Thank you so much for being on this journey with us!  We really want you to know how very special you all are and we so appreciate each and every one of you!  Gratitude! 

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Niccole & Mo