Fields of Gold

Or Rainbows!  ;-)

Or Rainbows! ;-)

Hey Friends,

We are in fast pursuit to central Idaho. We have shows in Twin and Ketchum and then hopefully a paddle float in the Sawtooth Mtn Lakes to cool off! Just a little blurb before we get going.

We have a new original “5 Star Dive Bar” but Mo still has to learn her bass part and my guitar is a little “shaggy”. We will be recording that as soon as we know it, ha ha! It is a FUN tune that we look forward to sharing with you.

I DO want to share this song and I am VERY excited about it…it’s one of my favorites called: Fields of Gold.

I hope this gets you buy for a little longer and that you enjoy this performance of it. Sure, as an artist, I think we can always do better, but it has it’s own life here. I’ve looked back in the archive since I’ve started this “Cyber Campfire”. I see some songs that are now “officially recorded” and what you have here are the “baby tracks” to those greater developments. Pretty neat to look back and see the growth of a tune. I hope you all enjoy a bit of that!

Be well and enjoy your “Fields of Gold”.