Continuation of Lawn Furniture from June’s Newsletter.

Ok…onward to the babble of my brain….


First let me just say in review of last weeks 6 shows in 5 days,  wow!  From Alive after 5 and all the people, to a fantastic new deck at Smoky Mountain Pizza with a rowdy crowdy there, to fans baking in the sun with us, and the extra bugs on our windshield from driving to Fruitland for a wedding, to the awesome Sue Komen event the Busting Out of Boise folks put on…what a stint of amazing experiences!  I could write a book on just this one week alone!  Thank you folks, for sharing yourselves and being part of these gigs.

Now, on with the “cliff hanger”.  Mo busts my chops cause I have a hard time lying…lieing…no, not lying down…being deceitful.  I think she admires that quality so I don’t know why she teases me about it.  She says I get  a look in my eye any time I try to fib.  It’s pretty annoying.  I can’t get away with much and she laughs at my transparency.  Of course, I have noticed as I’ve gotten older…I really can’t stand to be nothing but honest.  It suits me easier.

Some of you might remember a show where I was telling a story and trying to keep a guys name out of it, then slipped…that’s how loose my mind is…I can’t spend energy on holding in truth…it just bubbles out.  Classic example, if we try to get in some place and I don’t have a ticket…you know, the ol’  sneak in…Mo says I look frantic, and I probably do.  I just hate doing stuff like that, maybe it’s the consciousness my mother raised me with, but I like to be upfront with the extra change the lady gave me at Winco or the guy that I just saw drop a $20 spot on the ground.

So, I went to the store to return some rotten peppers…ha!  The same store I got the chinsey furniture. (Now you are thinking, where do they sell furniture AND food, she’s going to ” __________” ) It was the principle of the matter.  We were all geared up to make stuffed peppers and we cut two of our four peppers open and they looked GREAT on the outside but on the inside they were nasty.  That’s another thing that annoyes the daylights out of me…being deceived! Ha!  The veggies were bad.  Have you ever cut into a brand new avocado to find it simply gross?  And of course you aren’t going to take it back to the store, you have no time.  Well…maybe I have too much time (don’t think so) or I’m just a principle girl but those peppers went back and I got my whole 3 dollars and change for it. LOL!  It’s not the money, it’s “DON’T SELL ROTTEN FOOD TO PEOPLE!!!” lesson ! Arrrrggg!

While exchanging my bad peppers I told the lady about my fight with the lawn furniture.  She recognized and conspired to my agitation.  She had to assemble some things in the stock room and it was a mortifying experience.  So, we swapped war stories and laughed at ourselves and the crap that we buy.  She said, “just bring it back and swap it out for the demo, I’m sure they’ll do that for you.”  Mind you, this woman is in charge of customer service and I’m sure there are all different departments that have to know about this and that when it comes to exchanges.

Well, I put the table together, the simplest of all the items, and I took off the cushions to the chair.  The chair was not going to be completed due to a screw hole that was WAY off the mark.  If I had a drill gun maybe and a tap, possibly but I wasn’t going to get THAT involved over it.   I walked in with my faulty chair and as I passed through the doors I thought, I’m just going to swap this out.  Mo always said, “just act like you know what your doing” and people seem to leave you alone.  So…I tested her theory.  I clearly had my receipt in hand had anyone thought I was stealing the chair.

I walked in the store carrying the bulky item.  Placed it next to the demo, began to take the cushions off the demo.  A lady passed by who worked there and said, “are you finding everything you need” and I piped up and said “YES!”  She quickly kept walking, not noticing the transparent look I might have had on my face.  I picked up the demo, walked out and put it in the truck.  In the parking lot I was wondering if there would be a guy approaching me to say, “hey lady”,  but there wasn’t.  It took me 2 minutes, in and out. My heart up in pulse.

So, is that stealing?  No.  Being defiant…maybe.  They definitely stole my time and I was not into hanging in a line explaining to so and so that the screw was just not going to go in this chair.  Who knows, I could have been faced with a manager of the furniture department hell bent on “screwing” something and I wasn’t going to waste further time finding out.

Sunday morning,  I make my coffee.  A latte’ in fact, hazelnut…my favorite.  Our 6th show of the week still to play.  My eyes are fuzzy and I sit in our new furniture out back.  Osa, my big dog, joins me.  I listen to the birds chirp and think…”I can lie…if I need to…is that good thing?”   Then I look at the table I just assembled,  a bird had freshly pooped on it.  I start cracking up.  Well that’s what I get I suppose.  As I take my 5th sip of “coffee” I realize, I forgot to add the espresso and was enjoying a Hazelnut steamed milk and with that I roared!

May you find a light heart and a peaceful state of mind, even if there is no coffee in your “coffee”.


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