How do you know if you have “road-ass”?

Your back end starts to take on the impression of the car seat! 

Or at least your lower back starts to gel into your knees.  Yep!  It was a sweaty drive to Jackson Wyoming last week for me.  A marathon drive to spend a little bit of time with my family.  No, I’m not from Wyoming, but if you listen to “Sweet Wyoming” you’ll know that I’m very connected to that area and so is my family.  They all drove in to the “Hole” as we call it, to kick it for a few days and though it was short it was a sweet trip.

I brought food and packed up our little ride of a trailer.  Mo stayed in Boise to visit her Mom and Big Dog came with me.  I was proud of myself for getting an early start only to be pulled over by a motorcycle cop to my surprise.  Turns out, for as organized as I thought I had been, I forgot to put the TAGS on my trailer!  Ugh!  I HAD the tags…and I knew right where they were once I got out of the truck and looked at the tag that clearly said 2011~ !  DAMN!

So I turned around (as life can “Turn around on you” at any given moment) and drove to the other side of town (still in Boise thank God) where home was and stuck the tags I bought back in Feb. on the trailer.  Now I had a whole 6-8 hour drive ahead of me to call myself names LOL!  Instead of kicking my own butt all the way across the state I decided to dip into some music I haven’t listened too in a long time.

People ask when Mo and I are on the road, “what do you listen to” and really…we don’t.  We get into philosophical conversations all the time.  That’s the great part of Mo…she definitely can philosophize with me about most anything and as you well know by now…I think a lot!  Ha!  But on this day, I decided to rummage through some Allison Krause and then onto a killer collection of random up-comings Rochelle gifted me.  It was great!  The heat was forgiving but the wind swept my fuel away faster than you can drink a milkshake!  DAMN!

I pulled into the “Hole” by 4pm and my family put on a feast.  Infact, I contributed nothing to the table…not even olives (a favorite of mine, green always), Dad had that covered.  We had ridiculous conversations around the campfire.  You know families… the weird things you talk about.  I discovered a great Gin my brother was doling out called “Hendricks”.  Fabulous gin if you like gin.  Essence of cucumber and Juniper…yum.  The last time we all got together in the “Hole” my mother was alive.  So it’s been 10 years.  Wow!  Can it be that long?  It seems impossible how fast time goes.

I sang songs around the campfire with my sister and the dogs figured out their pecking order.  The journey home was a long HOT drive. 105!  Sizzling across the desert!  Just for kicks I put in my older CD’s (Dents and Smile) which kept me occupied for a few hours. I laughed and cried…it was the most bizarre experience.  To listen to  my younger self sing those songs and remember where I was at the time.  To listen through on how we arranged each song and think about ALL that growth! Wow!  My voice has shifted it’s place and I can HEAR THAT!  Blows me away.  It seems to come from a place so much deeper now. How fortunate am I to have a “scrap book” of life on audio.  I don’t listen to my own stuff all that often and I’m always tripped out by those that tell me they are going on a road trip and taking me with them.  I get it now.  I’m quite proud of the whole collection and more and more certain that there will always be more to come.  More songs to write, deeper to go and improvements to make as I hopefully get wiser.  What a trippy experience that I’m ever so grateful.  I will always make music for as long as I can.

And now it’s off to Stanley this week!  Another jaunt but not as far and hopefully a bit cooler!  Here’s where we are playing up there…

Wed. 7/25  Sawtooth Luce’s  6-9  this was such a great show last time.  The owners are such sweet people and the Pizza and view are well worth the drive!

Sat. 7/28  Idaho Rocky Mtn. Ranch 6:15- 9.  This is an epic place to play.  Panoramic view of the mountains and gourmet meals.  They only have spots available to the public for about 15-20 people so if you would like to attend please call and make reservations (208) 774-3544


Tues. 7/31 @ the Liquid there is a fundraiser for Angela…a very important event for this little lady.  We’ll play sometime around 6:30-8 and the details about her are here  Please make a contribution if you can to the cause. No amount is too small, she really needs financial assistance!

Wed. 8/1 @ the Bardenay in Eagle 6-9 pm for an all ORIGINAL (that means self penned songs) set list!!!
Thurs. 8/2  @ Hyde St. Pub 7-10 pm for another all Original set!  🙂

We will be playing for RIDE IDAHO next weekend in New Meadows.  If you are in Boise, come on out to one of these shows next week and take a trip down memory lane with us!  Should be a great time.  And if you are up in the “hills”, we hope we catch you up there!  Meanwhile, go snag one of your old journals and read through a paragraph just to blow your own mind.  You’ve really come a long way baby!!! 🙂

The moral of the story?  Why beat yourself up (for forgetting tags) life will do that enough.  Be kind to yourself…drink good Gin!  LOL!

Nicc & Mo