The Panida Theatre, 2 CD’s a DVD and 2 Tours!

Hey Folks,

Wow time has certainly slipped away and I have “updated” you all in my mind, I swear…but that doesn’t do you much good huh?  Anyway, you have been in my thoughts as we’ve motored along on our local and distant shows.

Big news…the Purple Carrot Collaboration is done and going into replication this week!    This is the “album in a day” we worked on in March with Rebecca Scott and Dan Costello!  It turned out AWESOME, I’d have to say!  It was SO cool to work with those two and the songs are groovy and fun!  Let me know if you’d like a copy, I’m hoping to have some fresh copies on our way to Sandpoint!

NEXT WEEK:  We play the Panida Theatre in Sandpoint!!!!    Oct. 10th 7:30 pm! 

This is such a full circle!  I released my first album “Despite the Dents” on this stage almost 10 years ago!  We were selected at last year’s Northwest Booking Conference to play for the Panida this year and are so excited to see some old friends!  We hope those in the area can come to this special event!

The DVD….yes everyone is wondering WHEN that will be out.  The good news is…the audio has been completed and a big part of the video has been edited.  Now we are ready to marry the two…video and audio and I can’t wait to see the results.

We will do a final edit in the next month and I am working with an artist to complete the artwork.  Then it goes to replication, but not until final editing and art work is finished…but it’s getting there.  Hopefully before the year is out we’ll have the DVD finished AND a CD cut of the live show as well!  So if you want to HEAR the songs from this show, we’ll have the “Blaze and Kelly Live at the Sapphire Room” CD.  This is really exciting!

Pushing a huge body of work forward feels good!  It’s been a GIANT undertaking getting Purple Carrots, Live at the Sapphire DVD and the Live at the Sapphire CD up and running.  Wow…when I do something — I go BIG!  Ha!

We are also working on new local venues and planning a tour to Seattle next week AND a tour in Arizona Nov. 7-14th!   I’m happy to say Mo has been in on the full time music crusade with me since June and if feels wonderful to have her working with me on the administrative stuff for this “job”  J

So we will be in touch when all these new items hit the public and hope you partake in the new goods!  Our upcoming schedule is below:

Friday10/4The Blue Moose@ 6:30-8:30ish….OUR FIRST SHOW HERE, we are hoping to make a good impression!

Sat.  10/5The Wood River Cellars @ 7-9always amazing acoustic sound

Sun. 10/6The Harvest Festival @ the Botanical Gardens3-6 pm w/Rochelle Smith, this looks like a fun event, hay rides and things for “big kids” too!

Off to Sandpoint!!!!

The Panida Theatre!!!!  Thursday Oct. 10th7:30 pm

You can tune into public radio for our interview while we visit Sandpoint @ KRFY 88.5FM  happening Oct. 9th @ 9:00a.m. (PT)

Wed.  10/16Cellar Café in Wenachee*

Friday 10/18Open House Concert– public welcome   Mt. Vernon WA area*

Sat.     10/19Open House Concert – public welcomeTacoma WAarea*

*see details on the web for these shows

We hope to see you in our home town, or in our travels and we hope our music has brought some joy to your life.  Thank you for partaking and being on this lovely journey with us.  If you have information for us in our travels, don’t be a stranger, feel free to write!

Much love to you all!

Niccole & Mo