How good can you stand it?!

Howdy Friends,
We are back from our travels and into the “thick of things” here in Boise Idaho! And this week is gonna be a HOT one! The weather forecast is in the triple digits topping out 110 degrees on Sunday! YIKES! So for those of you who are local, ha…come on out and sweat with us! Let’s talk about a cooler time, such as our tour through Washington and Oregon just two short weeks ago.

Basically, our trip to Washington and Oregon was absolutely amazing! Like three trips in one. Thank you to all the friends along our journey that made it extra special: Steve & Tess, Bob, Paul & Michelle and “the Rock” gang, Sue & Ellen, Karen, Wendy & Diane, Jayne & Tammy, Stu & Sharon, Rudy and Marilyn, Joni, Keith & Susan. It was fabulous to spend quality time with you. Time has been running fast these days. Some of you got to hear a brand new song I wrote called, “The Sun Runs”. We were blessed with such beautiful audience members, it really meant a lot to us that we could share such a vulnerable tune that was so well received.

When songs are first written, some of you may not know, but they are like newborn babies. So fragile and so pure and you covet them as a mama would. It’s quite a process, bringing them out into the world and sharing them. Some artists think nothing of it, and some songs are meant to be shared easily. But some, like this new song, I’m feeling selective of when we sing it. So, if/when the audience energy is just right, or if I’m feeling the muse of this song come through, maybe you will be lucky enough to catch it. I DID make it available on our “membership page” of our web site, if you’d like to join or have questions, please feel free to click on the link: Cyber Campfire!

Highlights from our trip consist of spending some awesome moments with folks both on and off the stage and seeing the geology of this amazing country we live in. We were thrilled with the reception we had at the Port Angeles, “Juan de Fuca Festival”!

Also, at the Seattle Center Sunday, the crowd at Northwest Folk Life quadrupled in size during our 30 minute set! It was epic! The MC said he’s never seen anything like that happen before and he’s been there for 25 years!

Journeying through the Washington Peninsula was a highlight too! We saw green moss and trees for miles and miles in quiet temperate rain forests. Even a spotted owl posed for a picture! And the Eagles were phenomenal! I bet we saw over 40 eagles at different times! We had a super intimate house concert in Mt. Vernon that was a pure delight and spent some time with good friends.


Once in Oregon, we discovered Silver Falls State Park. This place was amazing! An absolute MUST see if you’ve never been there. Over 10 waterfalls and miles of trails within a small area took you to the most remarkable and beautiful scenery. We walked behind many falls where the water dropped up to 177 feet! Incredible!

Then we made it to the coast. We had a phenomenal house concert at Rudy’s Piano Bar. We played to a sold out show in Lincoln’s City. We met wonderful friendly and hospitable folks, and had a super fun time. Rudy has a baby Grand piano that plays itself through a midi program. He’s got all the classics and when I first arrived, the piano was under a dark sheet on the stage. He had music piping through it and I thought, “man that sounds live”. He pulled back the sheet to reveal its key’s pressing themselves down in just the right places and I was fascinated. Of course I sat down and acted like Elton John for a while. Here’s a video of me being silly. Super fun!

HOURS of entertainment after a stellar show! Needless to say, we stayed up many a many night past our “bed time” (whenever that is) on this trip. In the morning while we were at Rudy and Marilyn’s, they made the most amazing espresso I’ve EVER tasted! And I’ve been to Italy! Wow! I’d go back to Lincoln just for the coffee! LOL!

We had a day to unwind in Manzanita, one of our favorite hang outs. We walked the beach and as the sun set while our old doggy frolicked, many tears of gratitude streamed out of my eyes. Ever so blessed and ever so grateful! People listened. People were moved and friends were made. How utterly incredible, that I have had the chance in this lifetime to touch and be touched by so many, on such a soul level! I am so grateful!

Now, were there any bummer factors? The hardest one was both Mo and I catching a bug. Whew, that was hard. I fought it off but it was exhausting. It’s frightening when you play for a pin drop audience and you don’t know if your voice will “wobble” due to the infection going on in there. Mo followed in my footsteps singing, “anything you can do I can to better” and she caught the cold with full force for the ending of the trip. Ugh! That was tough. Upon leaving Boise mid May a person about clobbered into our trailer while they were running a red light. That was a near miss. Mo said, “Ok, got that out of the way. No more close calls.” We put 2906 miles on our car and about 80 hours in the “saddle”, which you can imagine the ol’ butt cheeks start yelling after a while. And we only had one not so cool venue with a crappy business deal, but other than that, we sold out of CD’s and had to have a local friend ship us more. (Thanks Kimmy!) And I think we made a wave! Let’s pray for some more waves. How joyful can you stand it? How good can you let it be? Good questions. I’m opening to that idea and I hope our words, music and what we share brings you closer as well. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Upon our return we ran into 4 straight shows and the daily doings of life. We play 6 more this week! It can become difficult to keep the mind slow when you run at that pace. Sharing my thoughts and these pictures has helped me remember just what it is I’m doing this for and I hope you enjoy!

Meanwhile, for the regional peoples reading this:
We will be in McCall @ Crusty’s on July 5th whew hooo! 7-10pm

Also in Donnelly we will be part of the Roseberry Festival Wed. Concert Series July 8th with Rochelle Smith on mandolin and back up harmony! 6-9pm

Idaho Falls: You will see us at Derailed on Fri. July 17th 7-10pm

Jackson Hole Friends! We will see you at Hayden’s Post on July 18th and 19th. 8-11pm

Sun Valley & Stanley folks we will be your way on Aug. 9th The Arts and Crafts Festival in Ketchum 12:30-2pm and Redfish lake Lodge, same day on the green from 5-7pm.

And don’t forget about the 1000 Springs Festival at
Ritter Park outside of Hagerman Idaho Sept. 26th
***we will also be hosting a public concert at Miracle Hot Springs in the giant yurt the evening of Sept 26th to celebrate another epic summer! If you’d like to camp or reserve a yurt please give them a call Miracle Hot Springs.

All details are on our website

And for those of you in the BOISE area, here is where we are this week!

Thursday 6/25 Hyde St. Pub 7-10pm
Friday 6/26 Sandbar 2-5 pm **please note the time, mid day show.
Sat 6/27 Eagle Market 10-1pm
Sun 6/28 Smokey Mtn. Pizza 18th and State 6-9p
Mon 6/29 Payette Brewery for a fundraiser 5:30-8pm (benefit starts at 3pm)
Tues 6/30 Sockeye Brewery 7-9:30pm

Thanks so much for reading and being in touch with us! Here’s a few more, I couldn’t resist. Hope you all can see the pics. If not I will be posting them on our website too! Under “News”. Just in case the technical gremlins are up to their tricks! 🙂