August News!


Hey Friends,

We just returned from a very successful Washington tour!  We had several gigs over a week’s time, one in Lacey for their afternoon concert series, another in Pacific, WA. And then onto Mt. Vernon where we had an incredible turn out for their Clubhouse concert series.  30 hours of driving time and over 1500 miles.  Sometimes we call ourselves professional drivers, in addition to being musicians. But every day, we feel so blessed to be able to share our music with the beautiful folks and fans of this gem we call the magnificent Northwest!  We thank you for keeping in touch with us and continuing to support the Arts! It keeps the wind in our sails!

Juno, our 4 month old puppy is an incredible traveling companion! She never complains and is always up for an adventure!  She already has over 4,000 miles under her furry belly, having traveled to Sandpoint, Stanley, and all over Washington and Oregon since we brought her home on May 17th!  Seriously, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog!  And she helps to mend the hole that was left in our hearts when our beloved Osa passed away!  So much to be grateful for!

Juno finally knows her name after a month. Whether or not she chooses to come when called by her name is another story, but ultimately she’s learning very quickly.  Our running joke has been, “Juno! Do you know your name yet?” It kind of rhymes, and makes us laugh. She just wags her tail with a vengeance; her whole little body wags along with it.  She cracks us up multiple times a day, and it’s such great medicine!  We highly recommend doggie love to any who’s brave enough to love something so precious, but who’s only here for a short time, a chapter, really.  Bittersweet, but sooooooo worth it!  To those of you who have already met her, she sends a big wag your way!  And for those yet to meet her, well, watch out, cause she’s likely to pin you down and give you a face bath! 

We’re mostly local and in the mountains this month, so we hope you can join us for a show or two! Here’s the schedule for next week, and a little about what’s to come.

Fri. July 28th Willi B’s Saloon8:00-11:00pm

This is a great place to meet your buddies for a fabulous Friday night!  They have a full bar and food for all palates, kids are welcome till 9pm, and if you like dancing, they have a great dance floor!  Darts, and pool tables are also available.  Hope to see you there!

Sat. July 29th Private Party for BoiseHouse Warming event!  We are only booked out primarily through October, so if you want to have us entertain at your home, or for a private event this winter, or the holidays, please visit our booking page at:

Wed. Aug. 2nd Highlands Hollow 6:00-9:00pm This local hang out offers great food and libations, plus the bonus of live music!  Always a great time!

 Thurs. Aug 3rd Bar 365 at the Riverside Hotel5:00-8:00pm This listening venue offers a wonderful listening experience, sometimes turning into a concert!  They have half off appetizer and drink specials till 6pm, and a full bar and dinner menu also available.  Bring your buddies and come on down to kick start your weekend!


Fri. Aug 4th The Sawtooth Hotel 6:00-9:00pmYou’ll love a night of music and wonderful dining at the infamous Sawtooth Hotel in Stanley!  Tim and his band partner will kick off the night for the first set, and then we’ll entertain you from 7-9ish.  If you’re in the area, please come join us for a fun-filled night of music and stories!

Sat. Aug. 5th Ketchum Town Square for “Ride Idaho”  5:00-9:00pmThis wonderful event is hosted by Ride Idaho annually! Bikers from all over the USA and Canada come together to bicycle our beautiful State for a round trip ride that goes 500-700 miles over a week.  We will be entertaining in downtown’s Ketchum Square that evening!  This event is open to the public, so please come join us if you happen to be in Sun Valley this weekend!  It’s a blast!

Wed. Aug. 9th Redfish Lake Lodge Concert on the Green 6:00-8:00pmWell this venue offers a superb view of the lake and majestic Mt. Heyburn!  A great time for friends and families of all ages!  Food and beverages are available at this event!  Bring your lawn chairs or a blanket, and cozy up for an evening of live music!  Look forward to seeing you!

So that’s what’s cookin’ these next two weeks.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates and details, and hope you’re having a fantastic summer!  Big smiles to you!

Hope to see you soon!

Washington Club Concert

Washington Club Concert

All our best,

Niccole, Mo, and Juno

Club House Concert!  Wonderful listening crowd in Washington! 

Club House Concert!  Wonderful listening crowd in Washington!