New Music to Bring into Spring!!!


Sweet friends!!! 

March is “marching” along and we have some NEW TUNES OUT!!!  Yes, in today’s fast music world we are told that we need to spend about 6 months preparing everyone for a new record.  We need to put ad’s in the trade magazines and shouts out about the “new CD” to get everyone all hyped and sell out the release show.  There are a bazillion online things we could, should, would have done.

Well…call us "rebels" but we did not do all those marketing things that were always preached to us!  We wanted to surprise people and having a release was surely something we didn't think we were ready to do for a production by 3-10.  I had only 3 songs  but they were good ones and I thought, "why not?" All the records I have released over the years, I never just “sprung” it on the audience…until now! Perfect for "Spring" don't you think? 

We knew were going to play at Boise’s premiere listening room called, “The Sapphire Room”.  We self produced and promoted our show “Sing in to Spring” and well, “sprung” it on them!  Here is what’s cool!  The show SOLD OUT anyway!  So people came to the show not expecting new music and we said “surprise!”  

I have been working on these brand new tunes and we recorded them here in my home studio.  They turned out lovely and true. No fillers, no extras, just simple and solid!  The EP (meaning extended play) is called “Joy in the Ride” and it gives me great Joy to create, produce and engineer these tunes for our beloved audience!  So far the reviews and sales have been awesome!  I couldn’t be happier that people are liking this little “record” (I’m still old school and love calling them "records" and "albums").

So we broke the rules and release a record in a way that was WAY outside the box.  It’s nice to get older and just do stuff without all the “suppose to” getting in the way.  It’s also nice to be in control of our own music and our own journey, the beauty of being independent!  Sometimes, of course, this can be challenging but what a gift!  To write and play music and have people WANT to buy your art and WANT to see you at a listening venue play LIVE!  Enough to sell out! What a phenomenal time that show was!  Glued in my mind, I am forever grateful!

We are learning more and more about technology too!  We have a membership page and we were able to stream our show that evening so that our members from faraway places could tune in!  How cool is that!?  We had people from CA, WA, VT, OR,OH,NJ and even LONDON sit in the front row from their living room and watch and interact!  Brilliant technology for this type of thing!

Here is a snippet of the show:   Slide 

If you would like to purchase a copy of Joy in the Ride go here:  Joy in the Ride

If you would like to become a member and support independent music, click here for more info:  Check out Membership

We thank you so very much for being a part of our “Joy” in the Ride!!!  Be well and happy Spring!