Picking up the pieces

Well Hello Sweet Friends!

Wow, where do I begin?  There has been much that has happened since our last entry.  We have certainly had our hands full.  Many of you already know, we lost our sweet Osa dog in late February.  It’s been quite an adjustment and the house still feels terribly empty without her.  I had no muse in me for a while to write anything.  We’ve all been touched by some significant grief in our lifetimes, and when that happens, inspiration and motivation hides behind a cloud for awhile until we start noticing the flowers in bloom again.

Normally I dive into pen and paper but I felt pretty empty, pretty blank.  The best I could muster up was to sit for hours and hours on my electric guitar and practice a million scales.  We did manage to go on a shopping spree (and I don’t consider myself to be a shopper) but we got Mo set up on a new fretted bass.  This will be cool for her to learn new things as it is difficult on the fret-less.  She will then be able to transfer it over much faster/easier.  So I’m proud of her for stepping outside of her comfort zone.  She’s already been playing with it at shows. 

I also bought a Telecaster electric.  I absolutely LOVE it!  It has such a great sound!  Most of my time has been going into studying this instrument.  I’ve played it out quite a few times since Osa passed away.  This was my back up plan for if/when I would get too emotional, I could just play an instrument.  I sound pretty darn good in my office, but I tell you, electric is a whole different animal to perform well.  Wow! First of all, it’s a “thinner” sound.  Not the kind of meaty sound you hear from an acoustic.  It’s easier on the fretting hand but trickier on the picking hand, and it takes some getting used to overall.

So in this “shoulder season” of pre-summer before the patios open and people come out of hibernation,  Mo and I have been studying new instruments and new songs (covers).  I have no new creations for you this month but I am hopeful! There are little pieces of stick-it notes around with some good ideas on them though, and I think there may be a few gems in there (all in good time, of course….Rome wasn’t created in a day).  I did put up a couple of new Mp3’s for you AND we have a brand new website!!!  That was the other thing I was struggling with, writing a new Bio and new material for the improved web site.  This was a huge undertaking so…I suppose I have been busy, just in different ways.  Thanks again to those who stayed aboard our VIP during that transition. We so appreciate you!

THE MP3’s:

The latest one you will notice is Rev. Blaze; I have my “minister’s hat” on.  This is about a 35 minute edited “pod-cast” where you’ll hear excerpts of a “sermon” I gave at CSL (Center for Spiritual Living, Boise).  I did NOT know ahead of time that I would be the one speaking for this particular Sunday service.  We were just supposed to play!  Ha!  Rev. Jackie will fill you in on the details in the pod-cast.  It was magical, and powerful and for me really transforming.  I hope you like it and it gives you insights about the songs I’ve selected.  I did not add the live versions of the songs in this pod cast as then it would be even longer.  There is humor and depth to this “lecture” so…enjoy!

The next Mp3 is per request.  I’ve had many people ask us for a recording of our “older stuff” from my first album yet they want to hear the way Mo and I cover the song. “Despite the Dents” was an epic turning point in my life and in music.  I thought it would be a good pairing the pod-cast and a LIVE version of the latest way we play and sing Despite the Dents.  This particular show was recent at the Vine Wine shop and some of you were sitting in the audience. Always great to see your lovely faces in the audience!

Aside from re-learning how to update the web site and add media, I am learning also how to operate and communicate with another new toy we purchased and something I’ve wanted for a long time to help this VIP platform be even better….a Go Pro camera!  Yep.  So, I am STILL working on the camera’s operation.  Mainly you see me yelling at it to STOP!  Ha, it’s supposed to be voice activated.  We will share some excerpts of this in time, once I figure out how to edit.

I broke it out for the first time at the Vine Shop.  I placed it on my hat and filmed the audience.  You always wonder what WE see when we play…so now you’ll have your chance to see from our perspective (or at least mine). 

Last month we went down to Utah.  We played for a house concert and also tested for our Scuba License.  We’ve always wanted to do this and now we can be down there with the fishys!  It was nice to do something completely different after we lost our four-legged friend.  Which by the way…leads me to the biggest news of all!

We are getting new puppy!!! She is another Golden Retriever/Lab mix like Osa and we will pick her up on our way home from our Oregon tour this May (18th).  I am SO EXCITED.  Puppy paws, and puppy breath and sweet smooches and soft doggy fur again!!!  God I’ve missed our girl!!!  And I know, this little “Juno” will be her own little being and not Osa…but it will be good to have doggy love back in the house again.  It’s been so empty and quiet.  Mo and I are enjoying the quiet presently because we know it will be all about the dog when she comes.  We settled on the name Juno… Juno Mars!  Ha!  Love it!

So I’m sure puppy pictures will dominate my social media shares ha ha!  And you will get your fill of pictures too!  Here’s our new “baby”. 


Baby Juno at 5 weeks sitting on a blanket we mailed her!  :-)

Baby Juno at 5 weeks sitting on a blanket we mailed her!  :-)


I am posting a public blog on our website for you to hear and learn about how she came to be.  Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the Mp3’s, Movie and new updates!  Be well and bring on the Spring!!!

Much love,

Niccole and Mo