Meeting Juno

Hi Friends,

Life has been a world-wind for us!  Throw a puppy into the mix and "life, oh life...can turn around on you"!  Indeed!  We picked her up on 5/17, 3 months after Osa passed. In some senses it could have been too soon, as we both are still grieving that champion dog...however, all things happen the way they are supposed to. 

We took a little time off and went down to Hawaii, which was absolutely wonderful and well needed.  We had 3 dives and saw some really cool things.  It was amazing to breath under the water!  This was our first experience as divers and to me, it feels like flying.  I've often had dreams where I am flying and scuba is the closest thing.  Oh what a new world it is!  There will be clips of our dive as soon as I can figure out our new go pro camera!  Ha!  Technology comes with a high learning curve.  

Then we went to Oregon and had a great mini tour there.  Some of you were at that show! (Thank you!)  We rolled on to mother-hood and picked up our new pup.  We drove 8-9 hrs with new puppy, "Juno" in tow.  Ya know, she is a good traveler.  She sat in her bed and slept, then came up on the console, just like Osa used to do.  She is adorable!  That has been the most common descriptive word.  We haven't even had her for a month yet and she knows: sit, stay, lie down, leave it, come, drop, where's my foot, ok, off, gentle, no bite, roll-over, go potty and we are working on crawl, touch, kisses.  Now...she KNOWS these words but doesn't do it all the time!  Ha!  She is just a baby after all!  But I see in her eyes a dedication when I go into my routine with her.  She's very eager to show me she can get it and she is quite studious.  

When I walk her, I say, "on the side" and she stays to the side that has the grass.  And I also tell her when to "cross-over" the road and to sit and heal.  She gets it.  However, she is a pill and in that way I mean she likes to chew!  This dog will chew your face off if you let her! She's a piece of work!  I've been working with her every day and I'm so looking forward to the day she doesn't needle teeth me to death.  She's like a freaking Parana!!!  Ha!!!  

It's difficult to have patience at times.  Both Mo and I have to take breaks and hand her off! Ha ha!! Much like having a baby, yet...we can throw her in the crate with out any repercussions from CPS!  LOL!  

She's going to be a great dog!  This I know.  We are just working it out right now and it's been a very sleep deprived period for us!  Osa was a bit more mellow and gentler spirit.  This one has the  "fire" and her will is incredibly strong.  

After only 4 days of being home with her from our trip, I took a trip up to North Idaho to be with my Dad.  Mo stayed behind and enjoyed her peace from the "baby" and I got some quality time in with my Papa who is 86 years old and recently had knee surgery.  He made it through and is doing well.  Juno was again, the perfect traveler!  A 9 hour drive, ugh!  So, she got about 1500 miles under her belt from our travels in less than a month.  

Is it no wonder I try to find time to update and say hello to you all and can't seem to squeeze it in!  Ha!  When I was at my fathers, I basically worked my tail off putting his garden in.  It was wonderful!  I really enjoyed it.  I also learned a great deal from him about gardening.  I think I came home and slept for two days, my body was so sore.  I also forgot to mention that I really wrecked my shoulder in a wave during our Maui visit!  I am so lucky I did not break my back or break the shoulder completely.  I am also lucky that I can still play guitar.  However, it is still really sore but I've been taking good care of it.  I did all those dives, and all the work in the garden AND carried Juno (who is like a sack of potatos!  25 pounds already!) up and down my fathers steps (as she was too little to manage it).  Wow!  

So, I know I say I'm taking care of it and after writing all that...probably doesn't sound like I am, ha ha!!  Lots of oils, liniment, massage, acupuncture etc.  It's improving but it probably won't be back to normal for a few more months.  

I came home and applied the same techniques that I did in Dad's garden to mine!  I'm very please at the way it is coming along  AND I did this with a puppy!  Wow!  Try putting in a garden with a puppy who likes to chew on everything.  It's been a perfect opportunity for learning and for me with patience, I tell you!  Whew!  

I think of all the gratitude I have.  The health that I do have.  Even with the shoulder, how much we take for granted when our bodies DO work and feel good!  Ya know, my song "Turn Around" I look at even more with it's first line, "Every Ocean wave, every addiction crave has an undertow.  It sucks you in and acts like your friend, you want to think so".  That wave was NOT my friend!  Ha ha!!  And this puppy IS my friend but my life is very much like that song right now!  Really!  I am in the middle of this wave and a new era I suppose.  

My creative time has been cut to a nill a bit and I'm wondering how to get that back.  I've had many songs fly around in my head but nothing I can seem to get on paper.  But my shoulder is a reminder to just be gentle with myself and that is a challenge for, I'll take the lesson.  

We sure appreciate all of you!  I can't even begin to say how much your support means for us and really helps us along!!!  How awesome to see some of you  on our travels!  I wish for you all a safe peaceful summer filled with joy! 

Much love,

Niccole & Mo



Those eyes!!!  ;-) 

Those eyes!!!  ;-)