Interviews, House Concerts and Austin!

Hey Sweet People,

We are excited to let you know, we are flying off to Austin this afternoon!  WHAT??!!!   It has ALWAYS  been on our bucket list and we have the fortunate opportunity of having an invite to Bonnie's place as she is down there on work detail!  Yay!  You remember Bonnie, she is the amazing electric lead player from our Sapphire show! 

So we will get to pal around with her and survey the scenes of the music city we've heard so much about!  Ya know, the "bucket list" is long so...ya have to do it while you can!  

Other news on the home front. We hosted our very first house concert here at our place called "Black Dog House Concerts".  Many of you might have been there.  There was limited seating (36 people) crammed into our shop, but it made for a very sweet little show with Sundae and Mr. Goessl doing the entertaining AND the "black dog" Juno adding to the comedy!  :-)  I did post part of the show on the Fan Flare page for those on that page, check the video section if you would like to see it.  



We also had the privilege of one of our members, Mickey McKinlay,  taking time out to interview us.  She came up with some pretty great questions as the interview moves more in depth.  This will be a series of videos.  We had some technical difficulty as the camera kept quitting for one reason or another. :-/  Then uploading it to this page I found out I can only upload 5GB per week. So look for that in bits, but I hope you still like it! 

I'm sure we will have many stories of our adventures in Austin in which we will convey.  Our plan is to take a small little break before we trek to California and the summer details get running fast!  

Thank you for tuning into this corner of the website and joining us in our journey!  Be well and have a beautiful Spring season!!! 

All of our best! 

Niccole & Mo