Austin/Zion & Mamma!!!

Hi Sweet Friends!!!

Well the California tour is “breathing down our necks” and we have been bopping around the country this last month.  We managed to cross two things off of our bucket list.

1.   We visited Austin TX

2.   We traveled to Zion and hiked Angel’s Landing!

Austin was fun as we got to visit the “Live Music Capitol” of the USA.  I really enjoyed it.  It could be a place where I could live as it reminds me of a larger Boise, yet I really liked visiting Nashville better.  Something about all the music during the DAY in Nashville I loved.  There is a lot of music in Austin but it’s kind of like here, you have to get out at night and we were staying with Bonnie who was 21 miles away from the “city limits”.  We DID,  however enjoy our free upgrade rental car!  A dodge Charger!!!  It felt like a common day, “Dukes of Hazzards” scene in that car!

We had a great time catching up with Bonnie and tooling around the town.  Eating the most amazing BBQ at the “Salt Lick” and renting these little scooters to get around the city.  They are like a skate board with a steering wheel and run on electric!  How utterly fun that was! 

We then geared up for Zion!  Mo and I had been through Zion but we ran from the tourists as it was in the height of the season in 2014.  I drooled over the map back then wanting to tackle Angel’s Landing. 

I was a bit worried I would be too out of shape to do it…but honestly, it was pretty easy…so the good news is…I’m not in as bad a shape as I thought!  Ha!  I really goes up up up in elevation.  But we left early and caught the shade and the views were spectacular!

So now…we have something new and something old for you to listen to this month!  2 songs!!!  One is from my solo album and since it’s Mother’s Day I thought…maybe some of you don’t have this album and would like this song!  So the song is “Mamma”.  And the second one is a cover many of you may enjoy “Wish you were here”. 

This was how I was feeling, “Mamma…wish you were here”.  So I thought it would make a good pairing! 

My mother was my greatest influence to this day!  She was a little lady, 4’10” but she was a giant in so many ways!  She taught me how to “walk in others shoes” and was the most generous person I’ve ever met.  She had a cackle that would shake the walls and was loved by simply everyone who met her! 

Lois on her 21st birthday!  A woman of class and courage!!! 

Lois on her 21st birthday!  A woman of class and courage!!! 

I wish she were here with us but she passed (2002) and I would have loved for her to meet Mo and all of our friends.  I could only imagine how much fun we would all be having if she were still around. 

So as a salute to Loey (Lois), I give you; “Mamma”. 

I wrote this 2 days after she passed and sang it on her funeral.  People ask me how I did that and I tell them…she was RIGHT NEXT TO ME as I sung that song!  Truly!  And when I sing it to this day, I still feel her essence smiling upon me.  It’s a beautiful presence that she has!  She is always right there cheering me on!  I am so grateful!  In some ways, we are closer now than we ever were when she was alive. 

I feel truly blessed to have had the time that I did with her.  I miss her hugs, her cooking, her no-nonsense get to the point conversations.  The woman could go deep and had much substance.  She cut to the chase and told it like it was!  You could always count on her for an opinion and most times she was absolutely right.  I however at 14 yrs of age would never admit that then!  Ha! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy both songs!  I haven’t had much time to muse in my own creations as of late and I don’t see much time in the future.  But I will still put up interesting downloads for you!

We appreciate you very much!  Be well!

Niccole & Mo