Oh no it's Raining AGAIN!

“Tut-tut, looks like Rain!”

“Tut-tut, looks like Rain!”

Hey Friends,

We have had our share of rain in Boise for sure! Despite the tricky weather, we have had some amazing shows the last few weeks. We hope you got to kick back a bit for the Memorial Day holiday. We had a mini-marathon of a weekend! We were up in Cascade Idaho Thursday night then trekked home (about a 2 hour drive) to play @ 2:00 in the Sandbar (one of Boise’s best venues) which was outside so they brought us inside to the 365 bar to beat the rain. Then we played that same night from 7:00-10:00 at a place called Deja Brew! I was feeling a bit of DejaVu ha!

Cascade Lake

Cascade Lake

Sat. night was a private party and so was Sunday and it’s a similar picture probably for the rest of the summer. I have been reconnected to the workout program and I think it’s saving my “bacon”. Honestly. I was a former PE teacher and have always known how important exercise is, yet who wants to work out when they are already “worn out”? Right? Well, I have noted that the “workouts” help to keep me from wearing out believe it or not. Something about being in a gym for me and then getting my swim laps in…my body just relaxes after that. I feel a deep sense of peace and calmness and then my energy will get a lift. So, I am a believer and I hope to carry this program off indefinitely.

But of course it gets interrupted as most things do in an adult life get. I’m presently reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. He speaks of resistance and how we often resist doing the very thing we need and want to do. We do all BUT sometimes. He talks about “going Pro” and there is a bit of an edge to the book with an attitude of, “pull yourself up by your boot straps” kind of positioning. But he has good points and some of them are laughable.

One point he made - even Hitler wanted to be an artist. He took all his inheritance and went to Art School and Pressfield makes the point, “Have you ever seen one of Hitlers paintings? No, neither have I. Resistance defeated him so much he would rather start a World War than face a blank canvas!” Wow! That one got me!

So I have been thinking about time, or rather, lack of it, and how to organize my time so that I can do things I want to do, like write, read, workout. It seems like it should be an easy juggle, but it can be a bit tricky. I’m sure many of you have similar challenges. The value of “uninterrupted time” is priceless. Especially when “mood” is optimal.

Have you ever noticed when you have the inclination, you may not have the time? Or when you have the time, you may not have the motivation or ideas? That is a slippery bridge and yet the last few weeks, I feel like I have stayed on my mark as best I can. Perhaps making time for my own health has aided this picture.

We are off running to Washington tomorrow, so yes the “home groove” will be knocked a bit but I will have to find my way back. As long as I get to the gym, get to the blank page, pick up the guitar, get in the studio…that is the biggest challenge. Just getting there, ya know? Once you are there, it seems like your inner self knows what to do and enjoys doing it. The rest is just distraction.

We are going to see one of my favorite artists this Sat., Brandi Carlile. People are finally tuning in to her music because she was part of the Grammy’s this year. She has been a favorite of mine for years! I surprised Mo this past Christmas with tickets to see her at the Gorge in Washington. This will be Brandi’s 40th Birthday! AND this has been one of her lifetime dreams to play at the Gorge. How cool is that!? How amazing it would be to play there!

But here’s a cool side thing! We get to play at a Winery 2 miles from the Gorge Amphitheater Friday night! We have our own “show at the Gorge” without all the pressure ha ha!!! I think that is fabulous! Kudos to Mo for scoring that gig! June is really sneaking up on us quickly and my summer “gear” has not quite “slipped in”.

I am off in “Elvis land” though…

Ummm…that IS my real hair, not the side burns though! LOL!

Ummm…that IS my real hair, not the side burns though! LOL!

I found these funny glasses and Mo has wanted to cover “That’s Alright Mama” for a while now, so that kinda came together. The glasses have been a hoot! Best $7.95 I ever spent! They make people laugh and add a levity to our set.

I am happy to say also that I completed mixing the audio for the Sapphire show we did in March. Well, it is nicely mixed and I am proud of the whole show. The players were spot on! There are some tweaks as I’ve burned a copy of the audio and played it in Mo’s car. I have questions to ask my producer friends about how to get the clarity in YOUR speakers (car, ear buds, all sorts of contraptions you might play music through) vs. MY speakers. I notice the bass and guitar really shows up in my speakers, but in the car they don’t as much. Makes sense I have 8’ sub woofers, but how do I translate that so it crosses all mediums?

Questions, and more questions…Also, how do I make Bonnie’s guitar not sound so terrible? It sounded great on stage but I am struggling with her guitar tone. It’s been a bugger. So, I need to call in some friends on this to help. The learning continues! BUT, the good news is…I’ve learned a lot AND I’m still motivated and open to the new!

And in the midst of the rain and the learning curve…I am proud to say that I think I produced a pretty cool take of “Over the Rainbow”. I did this for one of our members and we DO take requests, and appreciate requests. We get to them when we can of course, but if there is something you love that we cover…shoot us a note on the fan-flare page…or an e-mail! We are always open to your ideas!

That also goes for topics to write about on our blogs too! If you have questions for Mo or myself and want us to write about it here, let us know. That is what this page is all about! :-)

So I best bugger off to bed, it’s an early rise day and drive drive drive day tomorrow! Thanks for tuning in!

Much love to you all!


The Sunshine Resides Above the Rain, at The Riverside Hotel. Shiny piano keys decor the walk-way! I want Mo and I to buy white suits and walk across this like the Beattles in “Abby Road” ! LOL!!!

The Sunshine Resides Above the Rain, at The Riverside Hotel. Shiny piano keys decor the walk-way! I want Mo and I to buy white suits and walk across this like the Beattles in “Abby Road” ! LOL!!!