Jersey Ride

Hey Friends,

I know I left you hanging a bit for this song. We were sick and not up for recording, but it’s posted now and here are the words. This mp3 take is from the most recent Sapphire show 3/19. I produced it myself and though it’s not “perfect” it’s real time audio footage, live and fun! Hope you enjoy!

Also, all recordings you get from the membership page are downloadable. Just click on the “download” word and you should be able to drop them into your player! Yippie!! These lyrics include the chords for any of you guitar players ;-)

Jersey Ride

 D                              A                                  G

Take me back to sweet times before cell phones and ringtones

  D                           A                                G

Smiles wide and Jersey skies and motor bike rides

          D                     A                        G

Top rolled down traveling highway 73

         D                 A                                                 G

The radio is my best friend back then in the early chapters of me.

               Bm             A

And Springsteen rambled on

         G                            A

As I lip synced my favorite songs

          Bm                            A                              G

And felt the beach air combing back my hair

Em                  F#m                      G

Some of the best days gone by

Em                                F#m                             G          A          D

Top rolled down, no cell phones and a sweet Jersey ride!  (sweet New Jersey night)


Skipping down the board-walk where adults talk and teenagers gawk


Blue collars making their dollars and custard cones


Free to be me with my MTV and the Rolling Stones


Kickball kids on a 4 corner town and Victorian Homes




Bm                                         G              Em

Sometimes you want to bottle “back then”

Bm                        G                           Em

Just to pull it out and show a friend…

Em                            F#m

The innocence of days gone by

G                                    A              D

Catching a breeze a sweet NJ ride


(New Jersey Ride-    Oh oh come take my hand, riding out to night to chase the promise land….oh oh oh oh Thunderoad  …..) - Bruce Springsteen tribute

This song was written in style of Jean Cardino, one of my mandolin friends. She uses upbeats and lots of words and I was playing around with her style just for fun. She did not write the song, but in a way deserves credit for a song I would never have attempted in this way. Thanks Jean!