New You Tube Video!!!

Hey Folks!

Wow, the year is coming to a close and it was my goal to get something on video this year…ha!  Am I just making it or what?  I always was that student who put off the report until the night before and pulled and all nighter and mama always told me  “a leopard doesn’t change their spots”.  True true!  I am happy to say while we were on the East Coast a  listener set her PHONE…that’s right…her PHONE up to catch a video.

Infact, she filmed many songs that night, which we will post later but I wanted to start with this one and let you all know where you can see it for free and enjoy a little bit of the magical sound of the Penn Square in Lancaster P.A.  This place had to be one of the most all time favorite places we’ve ever played as far as sound was concerned.  It was just us, with our little Bose sound system and a couple of the the establishments speakers that we rigged up.  I can’t believe how GREAT the sound was as it bounced off the high ceilings between the beautiful chandaleres.  The brick on some of the side walls gave the show a natural reverb for all you tech folks.  It’s a stripped down performance that sounded like we were in a very elite studio.  We loved it!

All captured on a phone.  I’m amazed at technology these days.  Incredible!


Feel free to “like” it or leave a comment.  We’d appreciate.

We’ve got some inquiry about playing house concerts on the West and East Coast.  If you live in the Bay area of Cali.  or on the East Coast between New Jersey and New Hampshire, and are interested in hosting a house concert let us know.  You can drop us a line  through our contact page on the web site.   We’ve been asked back to both coasts and we may be planning a tour mid spring to the West Coast (SF area) and the East Coast (NJ, PA, NY, MA, NH) in Oct. again.  Nothing is in stone yet, but if you think you could bring 30-60 folks into your living room (back yard, garage, front porch) for a private concert, let us know.

On the home front here in Boise, our Brundage gig in McCall was cancelled due to NO SNOW (booo!)  But we will be playing

Friday 12/16 @ the Piper from 8:30-11:30pm  w/ special guest Meghan Waters on Cajon (a box-like drum)  Yaaay!

Friday 12/30 @ Wood River Cellars 7-10pm   Yaaay!

So if you are in the area, swing on by!  And if you are somewhere in between (the EAST and WEST)  we really do want to get to you too.  Feel free to let us know if there are special events, festivals, concert series in your area you think we’d fit and we will research those ideas and make plans accordingly.  The one thing I have learned this year is that it takes a “village” to get your music out there and play in new areas…so pass us along and know we are in gratitude.

As the year switches calendars I would like to thank each and every one of you for making 2011 another successful musical year!  A year that will be imprinted in my memory for many reasons!  Let’s enjoy this new year coming too!  My goal…44 NEW songs…original or cover this next year! I have 2 down 42 to go ha!  So hopefully I won’t be looking at 2012’s end of the year with 40 to still do!  HA~!!!!!

Hope to see you soon!  Enjoy the video!

Happy Holidays!

Niccole & Mo