Happy New Year!!!

Wow!  Here we are again, on the brink of another New Year!  Some  say  it’s “our last”,  and of course others would argue that perhaps it’s just the beginning.  I wonder if that falls in line with “is the glass half empty or half full”?

Whatever your personal preference our show, “will go on”!  🙂  (Boy am I just using as many cliché’s in this one or what?)  Yes, it is the winter time now and we are huddled up not playing as much.  A pretty typical and very needed little break, but what that means is…the shows we DO have are fresh and fun!  So, if you get the chance, come down to:

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Thurs. 12/29 from 7-10pm.  Great atmosphere, good food, full bar, and  the music that night is suppose to be awesome! (Did that confuse some of you?)

The Wood River Cellars, Fri. 12/30 from 7-10.  I could say the same as above, yet…no full bar, however some fine wines and brews.  This is a very relaxed atmosphere and the management is new (again) so, we hope to make a good impression…we’ll see.  Life is a continuation of starting over again isn’t it?

We won’t be playing again until the 13th @ the Piper Pub so if you can…come to a show and we’ll sing you a song!  I hope this finds you with your glass more than half full!  Thanks for supporting live music and we hope you have a wonderful New Year!


Niccole & Mo