Big News! We get to open for Olivia Newton John!

Yep it’s pretty surreal.  All those years ago, listening to the sound track of “Grease” (on 8 track LOL!) Knowing every word by heart,never imagining for one moment that our paths would cross on the same stage!  How wild!  We’ll be opening Thursday 9/6 @ the Eagle River Pavilion, more details to follow in the “show” section of this newsletter.  

This goes to show that sometimes just showing up and doing what you love, matters.  Yes, there are 50 million opportunities that might not ever call on you…but you might get that one.  That is what is cool about the music business, (or criminal some colleagues might confess).  You can be playing at a Pizza joint one day and then off to the big giant stage the next and through it all you are still the same “schmuck” with a guitar and a hand full of songs!  Haaaa!!!

It’s perfect psychology food, at least at the level that I play.  I can’t get “too big for my britches” and Lord knows, I wouldn’t want to.  But we get a couple “bones” thrown our way and we are so delighted!  Everyone needs a “bone” coming to them once in a while.  If I knew what it was for you…I’d throw it!!!!  Some people withhold the bones on purpose…they don’t like giving people a thing…usually a person like that has nothing to spare inside.  The best thing for those folks is compassion.  They may have so much but can’t see it…and we’ve all been there at a time or two.

Coming off our Montana tour I am in such gratitude for the people that I met and the landscape that I got to witness…and I should say BEAR witness cause we saw some BEAR up there in the Glacier area!  How FUN!  Our trip started with 3 shows out the gate in Great Falls…the people were fantastic…I particularly LOVED Belt Montana…home of “Pig Ass Porter” what a great group of people and a cute little town!

Getting to vaca. is always a treat on the road and we did just that, heading north to the Canadian Glaciers with trailer in tow.  Then across to the Kalispel/Whitefish area for more shows. Then down to Missoula back to familiar territory of Stanley (which a lot of terrain was on fire). Though it was smokey we played a fun show to great local crowd at Sawtooth Luce’s in Stanly…thank you Josh and the gang for all your amazing support and warmth!  

Now back in Boise we are at it this week at these places:
Wed. 9/5  Smoky Mtn. Pizza  7-9pm
Thrus 9/6  Eagle River Pavilion to open for Olivia doors open @ 6 we’ll play 7-8ish then kick it with you all and watch Olivia do her thing!!!
Friday 9/7  Art in the Park  (Julia Davis) Boise  5-7
Sat.  9/8  Eagle Farmers Market  10:30-1
Sun – Thurs.  MOUNTAIN RIVER Outfitters TRIP  down Hells Canyon
Tues.  9/18  Edward’s Green House for an UNPLUGGED SHOW   6-8

I have so much to share and of course I’m running up to the wire…so I’ll leave you all with that…thank you for all your support and encouragement.  Our opportunities are because people like you believe in us and we appreciate it so much!

Much gratitude!

Niccole & Mo