People have asked…”so how was opening for Olivia?”

and I say….

It was a blast…and it was.  What makes it a blast?  Seeing all of our friends get excited for us.  Hearing comments on facebook that rewards us for doing a good job and even those folks saying, “how was it to have Olivia Newton John close for you” as they snicker.  As we were preparing for the concert I said to Mo…let’s just take our time and have fun, let’s believe in our set list and what we have to give the audience.  And we truly did. We had a ball!  There was a great audience of a couple thousand folks and they were all very receptive or at least seemingly patient as they waited for the act they paid to see.
As we drove to the venue I said to Mo, “you know what I like best about doing stuff like this?”…she said, “what?”  I responded, “ACCESS”.  Ha!  It is fun to go into places you normally can’t go, like back stage or the house where they serve the food and have a cool collection of signed guitars on the walls.  You can drive right up to the monster buses that held the “real musicians” and it’s an exciting feeling being on a stage with so much stuff around you, full drum kits, giant lights.  We sound checked to a bunch of empty chairs, and then moved off stage to let the audience come in.  We did get to meet Olivia and she seemed like a nice lady.

We waited back stage and I think that’s when  most nerves hit you.  But I really didn’t get nervous this time, plus our buddy Steve Fulton was there and we gabbed it up with him and had a great time. It was one of the most sweetest crews we’ve ever worked with.  Playing was a ball, free flowing, great set list and a step out of our comfort zone as we took on Lenard Cohen’s Hallelujah for the first time in front of a large audience with Mo singing back up.  It was awesome to celebrate with our friends after our segment and also great to listen to Olivia and all those hits that are so familiar.  So over all, a very positive experience!

We are off to the 1000 Springs Festival in Hagerman for a show on Sat. 9/29 @ 2:30 this week.  This is a great way to close our hustle bustle of a season.  There are beautiful waterfalls that surround this festival and we love the audience there, as they are always listening with open hearts!  It’s quite a time and we are honored to play there again.  If you are in that area come on out for this treat!

Here’s the month of Oct. in a nutshell:
10/5  ** New Venue – Bonefish downtown Boise 8-10pm
10/6 **  Private Party
10/12 Season’t Bistro 7-9pm
10/13 Bonefish 8-10pm
10/19 Piper Pub 8:30-11:30pm
10/20 Owyhee Plaza 8-11pm
10/26  Happy Birthday do meee  🙂
10/27 Private Party

If you’d like to make a private party happen for you or a loved one or,  just to celebrate anything, drop us an e-mail, we’d be honored.
Please go to  for any details regarding the shows at any time.

So Fall is here…we’ll begin to go inward, take a rest, reflect, draw on some creativity, song-write, do some recording, practice practice practice, teach some guitar and generally enjoy the slower season!  Thank you all so very much for being a part of our musical dream!  We really appreciate your support, love and warmth you’ve shown us through the years of this journey!

Best Regards,
Nicc & Mo