Happy 2013!

Welcome to 2013!  Yes, another year passes “Swiftly By” and we are hit with the disillusionment of, “that one’s done” and the wonder of, “what’s this next one going to bring?” Is it no wonder people are internal this time of year, processing what happened this past year and what they wish to make for themselves this new year?

I am ever so grateful for 2012.  This was a very growing year for me personally and also for Mo and I in music.  We had the pleasure of visiting LA for the ASCAP expo in April.  We had a great time with some of you on the road to our travels North through Montana and other parts of Idaho.  Opening for Olivia Newton John was a special treat.  Rolling down the Snake River with BEAUTIFUL people, taking in the breathtaking sights was spactacular. I’ve managed to “chisel out” some new tunes, read some great books, met some amazing folks and made shifts to my diet that work in my favor (OMG it’s about time!).
As I look over the highlights of this past year, the love that flowed from 1000 Springs Festival, being embraced and moved by amazing folks at CSL service, getting a showcase at the NW Booking conference and meeting Tom Jackson.  Watching my 9 year old guitar student play “Lena’s Lullaby” right in time with me (which brought me to tears!)  I am just amazed and touched by all of it.  Even the hard parts, because you know..there are always “bumps” along the road.
Looking back to the after glow can cause my rampant mind to wonder…”how do you ‘top’ that one”? But the reality is, the turning of the calendar is just another page in the grand chapter of you!  More of the same?  Something new? I suppose it’s all up to us to make it what we will.  What will it be for you this year?

Mo asked me a great question while we rehearsed the other day…”where do you want your thoughts to live?”
Spending time in our minds can either deprive us of an epic experience or BE the epic experience depending on what we let oursleves focus on at the time.  Where ever you go…there you are, right?  So to be conscious and awake is a good goal I will continue to work on and of course there are other things, like writing more tunes, recording, meeting more beautiful people. 🙂
We have some opportunities to help with raising funds for needy children called the Child Fund, when I know more I will devulge.  And I’m basically excited to play and sing for all of you who we so appreciate.  Feel free to stay in touch with us.
For those of you in Oregon and Washington : we are gathering information on possible places to play, house concerts, worship services, cafe’s, concert series.  Please let us know if you have any ideas!  We’d love to hear from you.  We are hoping to embark your way in May/June.  For folks in N. Idaho we are hoping to see you sooner possible Feb. in Sandpoint.  We’ll keep you posted. To our new friends at CSL thank you for all your warmth.  And to our Boise listeners, the “back bone” of our fan base we thank you and you can see us this week here:

Wed.  1/9  @ 7-9pm  Divine Wine  This is a NEW venue, so we hope to pack it and have a blast!  🙂
Friday 1/11 @ 7-9   The Buzz Cafe’  This is a great place for a fun mini-concert and over all great time.
Friday 1/25 @ 8:30-11:30  The Piper Pub  right downtown Boise
McCall folks!  Look for us at Crusty’s Pizza 1/20 @ 7pm  can’t wait to see you!
Friday 2/1 & 2/2 @ 8-11pm  The Owyhee Plaza right downtown Boise

Much love and peace to you all!  Thanks for reading and thanks for being part of our dreams come true!
Niccole & Mo