The time is NOW!!

Now is the time for getting Blaze and Kelly on the map with the help of a music video!!! Yep!  It’s true!  It’s SO important.  It’s not our ego talking, we need film.  Why?  We’ve been missing the boat on major shows because we do not have a worthy enough video that captures what we do.  (I know right?)  How can this be?  We’ve been doing this for how long?

It comes down to this, you get what you pay for…yep!  Just like most things, if you don’t go professional…it won’t BE professional.  No surprise there huh?

So in that…I am firing off a “Kickstarter Champain”.  If you click on this:  KICKSTARTER          you will be able to see EXACTLY what we plan to do.  We have rewards for you too if you decide to pledge.  We REALLY need your assistance with this.

Check out the rewards for your contributions and know that if you are local and have already contributed you will not be expected to contribute again if you’d like to join us for the LIVE FILMING which will take place on:

April 7th Sunday @ 2 pm
At the Riverside Hotel in Boise (off of Chinden –Garden City)
In the Sapphire Room (way super cool room)

There will be breakfast before hand that is amazing from 10-2 with bottomless mimosas & cocktails at the 365 bar as well.

This is going to be a VERY special event and we’d LOVE for you to join us.  You will see the “behind the scene” view of it being made right in front of you!

We are putting out a jar for suggested donations ($20)  but no one will be turned away on the count of proceeds.

What do we need to raise and why?
The breakdown is…the film company is estimated approx. 4000.00
The rental hall $300
Audio professionals $1500 (minimum.)
Artwork, graphics $300
Manufacturing Costs$2000
Misc. (like getting the other players some grub and drinks) $100.00

Can you see it adding up?  A great idea turns into a HEAP of money! Ha!  Isn’t that the case?!   Kickstarter is a program that helps fund things safely, so…I put our mark at $5000, though…if you do the math you will see I will take MUCH more than that.  Here’s the catch…if you, “Miss your Mark” you get ZERO!  This is because people deserve to know if the project was fully funded and if their rewards will come their way or not.  There will be NO CHARGE to ANYONE if the program is not FULLY FUNDED.  That means Mo and I will be taking out a big loan, selling some things, loosing more weight to try to “kickstart” our career as self-employed independent artists!  Ha!!!

I ask you this…has our music ever moved you?  Have you been touched by a show, a song, a hello from one of us?  Has it lifted you? Made you think?  Made you feel?  Got you closer to someone?  Got you closer to yourself?  Turned over a new leaf?  Turned your life in a new direction?  What DOES music do for you???  In that…we would be ever so grateful to receive any pledges you might have to offer.
PLEASE TELL YOUR FREINDS!  If 800 people put in $10 bucks…we’d have our goal met in a millasecond! Dreams would come true!  Indeed!  The time is now!  It scares the absolute ba-jeebees out of me…but when WON’T it?  “Do it anyway” I always say!

Thank you so much for your love and support.  My computer was centering all my paragraphs being weird as I wrote this. Now that I’m at the end I finally got it to work right.  Perhaps it means that this letter comes to you from the very “center” place in my heart and soul!  I believe in YOU and I believe in US!  Let’s make it happen TOGETHER!!!

Niccole & Mo