It’s time to launch!

Howdy Friends,

We are on the road again, heading West to Oregon!  We will be playing many big shows this month and what a great way to spend our “birthday month” 😉

Both Mo and I are “Rocktober” babies, we are October bookends, with Mo turning my age in the beginning of the month and me slipping away into “older age” at the end of the month.  But for right now…we are the same age *big smile*!  She catches up with me once a yearha ha!

Isn’t it amazing how time flies?  12 years ago I wrote and released “Smile”, our second CD.  I’m sure with some of you, you look at your children in this way.  You just can’t believe how old they are and how fast that time went.

I look at our catalog of music that way, especial this time of year.  Fall brings out the reflective spirit in me.  It is my “New Year”.  As the summer busyness comes to a close we get to slow down and reflect on our path.

I am looking forward to playing for the people of Oregon. I am looking forward to giving our best shot to the Juried Showcase and sharing the best of what we can.  But I am also looking forward to sitting on the ocean and listening to the waves come in.  In hopes that my mind is filled with “no-thing” and the sound of the waves pound out all the “to-do-lists” and things I think I HAVE to do.

I love that about music too.  It just puts me in the now.  And although the business of it may take me out of the “now” at times, I am grateful that I know that special spot of a minor chord meeting it’s major.  Happy that my fingers are flattened like “Frankenstein fingers” and numb to the pain of any string pressure.  Calloused and getting older, you do wonder in this business, how long you can “schlep” equipment in and out of buildings, drive for hundreds of miles and have the energy to give people some joy and meaning from your words and art you’ve created.

It blows my mind what we do, and I am forever grateful!  The power of music always sees me through.  And I hope it does for you!  When you are down, try turning on your favorite 80’s rock band and just see where you go!?  It’s trasportive and that is why I LOVE it so much!

Thanks to all the listeners out there, who’ve believed in us and have been swept away by our tunes.  Thanks for letting us transport you to another place and space.  Thanks for telling us so and for greeting us with big smiles on your faces and hugs.  We so appreciate you and hope you are enjoying the Fall Season!