Mt. Peal Animal Santuary Needs YOUR Help!

Hey Folks,

We will be heading off to the beautiful state of Utah to help our furry friends at the Mt. Peal Animal Santuary!

“Mt Peale Animal Sanctuary and Healing center is an integrated center of Healing. At Mt Peale we believe in looking at the totality of life. The plants, the animals, the land and the humans are inseparable. What befalls one effects the other. Mt Peale center holds that we are here to learn with all life through spirit that is manifest upon this earth. At Mt Peale center we believe that true deep healing arises out of the knowledge of this integration.”

If you would like to make a contribution to help this wonderful organization or learn more about what they do please click here   We’ll be playing on June 21st if you are in the area. Cris Williamson, Kathryn Warner and Kate MacLeod will be joining us in a grand celebration!