Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

Hey friends!

We arrived safely back from Grand Targhee Resort and the Trap Bar in Alta, Idaho/Wyoming. We met some new friends in Idaho Falls, and saw some “old ones” too! (They weren’t really old, but you know what I mean).

Playing at an altitude of about 8000 feet honestly, kicked our butts! Ha! It made me take stock in the fact that I best keep myself in shape if I want to continue this career. We felt as if we ran for 3 straight days! If we had not partaken in certain practices and physical exercises we surely would have been suffering because of it. We basically bounced back and snowboarded and skied the next day. So it was a good dose of motivation for us to be at our best physically!

If you ever wondered about what we do to keep our energy up, stay healthy and balanced, I will be posting a blog on our VIP membership page that will include more detail about this. I am eager to share with you all this knowledge as it’s been quite a journey the last 14 years of my life. People always ask, “How do you do it?” I am grateful to have a platform like the membership page to elaborate with those who wish to know. If you are one of those folks who desire to “dig deeper”, go here and check out the VIP membership. : http://blazeandkelly.com/vip-corner/

For the rest of you, this Newsletter provides a point of contact for us to simply say, “Hello, this is what we’re up to and we appreciate you!” It will cover some of the details of our recent journeys in music, though VIP’s get the whole enchilada!

The VIP Corner allows YOU to be a part of our journey in a more intimate, exclusive way. We share our new creations, whether we post an mp3 that is just an idea or completely finished. We are committed to adding new pictures, movies, blogs and music on a monthly basis. You get your own password that gives you access to the VIP corner whenever you’d like! There are discounts, gifts, and other wonderful things to share as well. Come sit by our “cyber fire” and feel the warmth!

Meanwhile, for those of you who just want the skinny on when and where we are playing, we have lots of LOCAL (Boise) shows this week! You Boise folks are probably saying, “it’s about time!” Ha! Know you are LOVED Boise! And we would/could never abandon you!

We’ve been on the road A LOT this year already and will be throughout the rest of the season. Plans for Seattle area the beginning of May, Utah area third week of June, McCall ID area throughout the summer, Stanley ID, Eastern Oregon in August, and mid to Western Oregon in Oct.

So you local folks, when we play home, we want to see you and celebrate you! So come on out and join us for some fun!

Those of you in the areas we mentioned we are traveling, if you know of anyone who wants to have summer parties in the area, or house concerts, please feel free to contact us regarding this as we still have some “road dates” that are open during those tours! Super fun times to be had!

Local folks, I’ve never asked this before, but if you have a minute, please jump on line at: http://www.idahostatesman.com/best-of-treasure-valley/
and vote for your favorite “Best of Boise” band. We are in there, I’m not assuming we are your favorite, but if you pass us a vote we would love you more! (ha…we’ll ALWAYS love you regardless, but it would be cool to be recognized in that publication AND if we do, that means MORE doors locally could open up, which means MORE gigs for us to play for you! Yippie!) You don’t have to vote for everything to turn the form in, it’s an extensive list. Just do what you would like and know we appreciate every vote!

I highly encourage all of you to “jump on the VIP membership corner” and check it out! http://blazeandkelly.com/vip-corner/ . There’s no obligation to sign up, but know that with your support, the possibilities of creating musical moments and living this dream are realized and we love you for it!

Thanks so much in advance! Here are the up-coming shows this week! Oh and our show at the Botanical Gardens has been moved from Sept. 11th to Aug. 21st !!! 6-9pm
Door: $10

4-20 Easter Sunday – Boise’s Center for Spiritual Living, service starts @ 10:30 and we will play a few songs. Rev. Jackie Holland always gives such a powerful sermon. Come get your cups full!

4/22 Tuesday, Happy Earth Day – The Lucky Dog from 7 till whenever! We are hosting an ALL WOMAN’s Jam!!! A traveling girl band, TheUndercurrents, http://violetvonderhaar.com/violet-and-the-undercurrents-3/the-undercurrents/
from Missouri will be a highlight of the night and we local ladies will do “mini-sets”. Get ready for a night of creativity, ad lib, excitement and camaraderie! Joining will be Rebecca Scott, Emily Tipton, Rochelle Smith, Pat Folkner and perhaps some “others” who might decide to slip in a note or two! J $5 cover.

4/24 Thursday – ADD THE 4 WORDS BENEFIT @ the Balcony! 7:30-9:30 – Here in Idaho there is a lot going on as far as equal rights. We will be at the Balcony down town Boise to help raise funds for those who stood up for the rights of ALL humans and unfortunately got arrested by our legislation. L So help us do good things if you can!

4/25 Friday – The Buzz Café 7-9 pm. A fun place to have some coffee and listen to some tunes, sometimes it gets really quiet in there and can be like a private concert. Let’s see!

4/26 Saturday- Café’ Capri 6-9pm. Join us for a fabulous BBQ as our lovely hosts celebrate another turning year of doing business. This Café is located off of the Gowen exit in Boise. There is a GREAT vibe at this venue, and we really appreciate the people running the café. There will be plenty of food, beers, wine, coffee and tunes! Hope to see you there!

Come get your “cup” filled! We are super excited to be home in Boise for the next 10 days! Hope we get so see our “old friends” (no, your not old…but you know what I mean! *wink!)

All of our best to you and yours!

Niccole & Mo

For everyone, especially those avid bicyclist and folks that want to see some of Idaho’s finest country side and get in shape! There is an organization we play for each year called RIDE IDAHO. They roll out the red carpet to cycle some amazing terrain of Idaho’s finest country side offering you a fabulous trip! This year they will explore the Sun Valley area down to the City of Rocks. Please check them out @ http://www.rideidaho.org/ . All the proceeds for this tour go towards funding Idaho and making this state great! Tell a friend and pass the word! Thanks again!