New Membership Corner has launched!

Friends around the campfire

Friends around the campfire

Today is the day! It’s NO APRIL FOOLS trick! We have a new VIP Corner of the website and it is up and running! So even though it’s raining in Boise today, I’d say anyone up for a toasty cyber space campfire with some hot toddies, new tunes, stories, pictures, MOVIES and an inside track that is COMPLETELY EXCLUSIVE, for your enjoyment, go HERE:

I am thrilled of offer to our most avid supporters (YOU) a chance to catch an inside glimpse of our music while it’s being created and also to share some footage of our wacky moments while on tour. Come along for the ride at your own time and leisure through our designated corner of our web site that is available to you 24/7.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a musician you will get first hand insights to the trade of music in a super real, down to earth way. Plus you’ll get to keep downloadable mp3’s, gifts, discounts and much more!

We were inspired to create this membership based on listener’s desire for us to share more. We literally had our friends, followers, avid fans say, “do this”…and so we did! We hope you partake in the fun and we appreciate any and all membership proceeds, as they help get us on the road and stay on this path of creating music!

Thank you so very much!!! Happy “Fools” day! 😉

Niccole & Mo