Spring thoughts!

Wowsa Folks!

I have been thinking of you SO MUCH!  I know Boise folks have been asking, “Where are you girls playing next locally?”  And honestly, we’ve been out of town a LOT this winter, more than normal. And now it’s Spring, which takes us out of town still!

Video:  Mo is filming up a storm!

Video: Mo is filming up a storm!

Down time is good, but it hasn’t been down time for us at all.  I feel like I’m wrapping a HUGE CHRISTMAS PRESENT for all of you!  I’ve been working on this VIP page and putting things together and learning so much about technology.  I’m pleased to say my usual temper-tantrums with “Miss Mac” have subsided, as I’ve selected to make “nice” with “her” instead. (I have a PC too for when Miss Mac is just beyond moody!)

We are hand selecting mp3’s for our members and I made a fun movie of our travels to Sandpoint recently.  This “thing” that we are creating is BIG in so many ways.  It really extends into what we do and who we are as music makers and is quite vulnerable.

I’ve noticed this when trying to determine which mp3 to select for you.  “It’s not quite perfect, it still needs work. Am I really going to put that out there? Are they really going to catch this idea when I’m not even complete with it myself yet?”  Bold, brave and a bit scary at times, I wonder if I’m up for the task.  But something inside me says, “go into the fear”, simply because growth lives there.

We want to grow as artists and we want to share that experience with you.  I don’t know of any other artist doing this in such a way, so… we have no one to guide us on this journey.  We will certainly be open to feedback (but not “slams” of course).  I will want to hear your ideas if you join and of course there is no obligation to join, nor stay a member.

So, when will it be up and running?  Ha!  I thought this week, however…Miss Mac is making me wait…she’s keeping me wai a a a a a ting (think Carly Simon’s “Anticipation” song then you’ll know where I live in my head with this! Ha!)

I’m on a learning curve with the technology.  I’ll tell you all about this process in the VIP blog once the “door” to membership opens.  But…all I can say now is….It’s Coming!  J http://blazeandkelly.com/vip-corner/  Feel free to sign up on the “interested” list connected to this link.

Meanwhile, here’s our schedule in the next upcoming weeks!

March 30th  send us your good thoughts as we are teaming up with “Purple Carrots” to write more songs!!! Yippie!  If you go to our Blaze and Kelly Face Book page we will try keeping you in the loop with what is going on.  That will be another 24 hour experience with Rebecca Scott and Dan Costello!

April 3rdVino Rosso in Idaho Falls 7-9:30pm

April 4th   The Trap Bar in Driggs Idaho 3-5:30pm

April 5th   The Trap Bar in Driggs Idaho 3-5:30pm

April 25th the Buzz Café’ 7-9 Boise ID

April 26th Capri Café’  6-9 Boise ID

*Boise friends, mark your calendars for Sept. 11th Botanical Garden’s Concert Series!! This is one of our favorite places to play!

Seattle friends, we have some bookings for May, but are looking for more.  Is there anyone who would like to do a house concert in the Seattle area the first or second week of May?  Or do you know of good venues we would fit well with?  Shoot us an e-mail!  We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for being a part of our journey in music; we appreciate you all so very much!

Niccole & Mo