Greetings Friends, Listeners and Folks joining us for the first time,

Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!  Yes, the old one was grand and this one is even better!  We hope you like it and can find everything you need and more.  There are plenty of songs to listen to, all the lyrical content included, pod-casts, membership & press information and a new look because you know…new is better right?  Ha, well…not always, but we do hope so in this case.

Cruise over to the calendar page and see where we’re playing while you’re in town, or see descriptive on the many different types of venues we play. You can also check out the booking page for opportunities to book your own event with us. Yep, it’s all there and more is coming! So check back in with us once in a while, stay in touch, and add your e-mail to our newsletter.  This way you’ll know where we will be playing, the latest songs we’ve been working on, and our tour plans.

We are still celebrating our NEW RELEASE, “The Sun Runs”.  The songs on this CD came out just in time, not only for me personally but for many whom I know.  People who are dealing with some tough things, myself included, can listen to a song and remember what’s truly important.  

For me (and Mo), we’ve lost a great friend and our “tour manager”.  She was beautiful; long black hair, soulful brown eyes, and a dazzling white smile from ear to ear.  She was always happy, always up for a trip, and loved to sit and listen to us rehearse for hours on end.  She traveled with us everywhere! Up to Montana, through Washington, California, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada and of course lived with us in Idaho. She met many of you and had many friends.  Folks sought out her advice and comfort as she was so good at calming people down, and bringing lightness and joy to so many.  I learned a lot from her and it’s been a truly difficult adjustment being without her these past 3 weeks. She truly taught me how to wag more and bark less.  Yes, Osa Mae Black, aka “Big Dog” will live on in all of our hearts and in our music forever. She was that special.

People underestimate the power of a canine.  Many think of hair, slobber and doo-doo pick-up.  That is the extent of their experience.  I can understand if you see it from only this perspective.  It’s no fun being jumped on, slobber stamped, or having food stolen off your plate.  I get it.  

But for me, dogs have always been so grounding, understanding, compassionate, and inclusive.  They “get me” emotionally and give me a comfort more than most humans.  I happened to have had the most polite, charming, and sweetest girl, and I could continue to brag about her yet, I digress.  

Soulful Osa Pic

Soulful Osa Pic

My point is, music helps us remember what’s important.  I love my old dog, my old mic stand, my old guitar, but I think I will love this new website and one day, when we heal over, perhaps there will be another four-legged sweetie that wants to go on the road with us.  What a journey it has been!  Thank you for visiting with us here and we hope you enjoy the “new” in your life as well as these pages!  Be well!!!