Puppies and finding Doggy Love!

Sweet friends and listeners, 

Last month we let you know about loosing our sweet girl Osa.  It's been a reflective 3 months and as you can imagine, lots of sadness and emptiness. In that time we managed to embark on a new website and I turned to playing a LOT of guitar.  I should be Eddie Van Halen by now yet...Niccole Blaze seems to dominate the picture ha!  Scales scales scales.  Repetitive scale skills like a meditation that helped me through the rough spots.  

I normally write a song when I'm that sad, but it didn't come (yet).  I just couldn't put my pen to paper.  I was more than sad.  We went down to Utah and played some house concerts.  We also took up something completely different...scuba diving!  Yep, like Dory says, "Just keep swimming". We found that something new helped us put our mind in a different place, yet we would still return to an empty house.  

I would search on line like a woman who just had a break up scanning match.com but looking for "doggy love".  I found nothing.  Osa was a cross between a black lab and golden retriever.  I had one before her too. Basically, this cross breed is a "mistake", very rare and hard to find.  What I did find out was after 30 years of having this mix was that she was called a, "Goldador". Yep, that pseudo name comes in very handy as you will find out! 

We took a trip North to spend time with friends and I mentioned I was having NO LUCK finding my breed that I loved.  Well she researched it and my  my, there they were...that beautiful cross breed I know and love. 

I contacted them and sent pictures of my sweet baby and asked to be on a waiting list, because you know...it takes time.  She responded back to me in 3 days, "Your in luck! We have puppies!"  PUPPIES!!!! OMG!  

So here's the freaky part.  I told Osa I didn't want to wait too long and asked her to help me out before she left.  After she passed I had this feeling and I told Mo, "I think we are going to get our next dog from Oregon".  I also had a feeling that with all the friends that we have, surely I will get word on a puppy.  The website my FRIEND helped me find was OREGON Goldadors!!!  What!?  True!  I had a vision that we'd be coming  home with a sweet puppy at the end of that tour.  I didn't know how, but I knew. 

Another freaky part of the story.  Before knowing of the website and being present with the absence of dog in our home, I was in the shower.  I get most of my inspiration in the shower.  "Juno....I like that name!"  I have a hunch that Juno came into the world that very day, March 7th is about the time we decided on her name.  

More freak to freak you...so the woman sends me this picture: 


Which one would YOU choose!?  I was drawn to one of these baby girls. The one with her mouth open.  She's singing a song and looks like she has a sense of humor. They are ALL adorable!!! I want them all! Ha ha!!!  I had asked the breeder to pick me the one with the most soulful stare and curly hair. 

2 weeks later she sends me two more pictures with 2 puppies in each picture, "it's between these two", and I was drawn to the one on my right ad chose that one.  I then asked her, "is this by any chance the same one who had her mouth open in the first picture you sent us?" YES YES it is!  That is our girl, that is our Juno!  And since I am a musician, why not name her Juno Mars!  ;-) 

To be drawn to the same doggy consistently where as you can see, they all really look alike...I think is fascinating (or freaky, which ever you like)!  

And that is our story of how Juno came to be.  We get her May 18th and I'm sure we will keep you up dated on our new "tour manager" ha ha!! Right now we are enjoying the quiet. Still missing Osa but looking forward to puppy paws, puppy breath and sweet little smooches.  I find it incredible and beautiful that a new little soul will come and enjoy her time with us and live in our home and share our journey.  She will have her own temperament and personality. How awesome and exciting! "

"The sunshine resides above the rain!!!"

Well, we hope you enjoyed our story, here are some highlighted events we will be partaking in this summer season.  We are not touring as extensively as last year (a good decision with a new pup) but we will be getting out regionally and definitely locally. However this is not a FULL list (please refer to the calendar for all dates) but this list gives you some very special concerts!  Mark your calendars!


May 6th Café Capri 6-9pm. This is a great listening room, and a fun place to gather with friends!  Owners, Terri and David Becker will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary at this fine place of business.  A wonderful BBQ dinner is available for $8-10, and there will door prizes in addition to other fun surprises, so we hope to see you there to liven this celebratory engagement!

May 11-18th Oregon Coast Tour We have the special privilege of being invited to perform for two house concert events in Newport and in Lincoln City. Please see the calendar for specific details. We will have a furry creature in tow upon our return!


June 17th Bustin Out of Boise Event/Gerber Park in Eagle. 4-8pm.  This is a wonderful annual fund-raising event to assist women in the Treasure Valley who are under-going cancer treatment and need additional assistance.  There will be door prizes, games for those that want to participate, amazing prizes that you can bid on during the silent auction, a BBQ dinner, and live music by yours truly!  If you don’t have any other plans this Father’s Day weekend, please bring your lawn chairs, and enjoy a bit of afternoon delight!


June 18th Indian Creek Winery Father’s Day Celebration 3:30-5:00pm. Nothing to do on Father’s Day?  This outside venue is absolutely gorgeous and their wine selection in unparalleled by few.  Bring a picnic and your comfy chairs and enjoy a special afternoon with us celebrating our dear ol’ dad’s!!  Food and other vendors will be available as well.

July 19th-July 25th  Washington Tour

This year's tour will bring us to Lacey for the Lacey Parks and Rec "Music in the Park" Concert Series, and another house concert hosted at the Clubhouse in Mt. Vernon.  Please see our calendar for details. 



The summer just wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the magnificent Sawtooth Mountains!  We have the special privilege of performing at these favorite venues:


Fri. 8/4 Sawtooth Hotel 6-9pm: You’re in for a treat if you’d like to enjoy the fabulous listening room at the infamous and historical Sawtooth Hotel. Reservations are recommended if you're dining this evening. 


Sat. 8/5 Ride Idaho Opening night, Ketchum Town Square 5:00-9:00pm.  Hundreds of folks join this event each year to do an incredible 7 day bicycle ride around beautiful Idaho.  We will be playing in the town square till 9pm.  Please check out www.rideidaho.org for more details.


Wed. 8/9 Redfish Lake Lodge “on the green,” 6-8pm.  You get an incredible view of Mt. Heyburn that stands almost 10,000 feet, and the pristine Redfish Lake to gaze at while listening to some tunes.  Food and beverages are available to purchase but you can bring your picnic and lawn chairs if you’d like too!  Hope to see you there!


Wed. 8/30 Roseberry Music Festival 6:30-9:30pm.  This venue is great because it’s in historic Roseberry, Idaho, and the setting is sublime.  If you’re in the area, please come by for a fun-filled evening of music and watch the sunset with us!


Sat. 9/9 Bill Wade’s House Concert Series 5:30-8:00pm. Nestled in the Boise trees near a beautiful babbling brook is where you’ll find this gem of a concert.   Come enjoy a relaxing evening of music with friends.  Bring your chairs and a little nosh of food or drink if you’d like. Donations of any size will be accepted at the door.


Sat. 9/23 Miracle Hot Springs Event Dome Concert 7:00-9:00pm. We’ve been hosting this show for two years now and it’s starting to get more popular, so if you want to “get-away”, come join us for a very special evening of acoustic music unplugged….that’s right, the acoustics are so heightened and resonant in the event dome, that we don’t even need amplification.  You'll feel each note and song touch you! It’s a unique listening experience that brings people together.  The Thousand Springs Festival is also happening this weekend in Hagerman/Wendell, so grab your tent, or a hotel nearby and come play with us this weekend!

Thank you for checking out our blog! We hope to sing a tune for you in the near future!  Be well!  

Niccole and Mo